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Jakey Jake [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jakey Jake

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The good days. [Oct. 29th, 2005|12:37 pm]
Jakey Jake

Volunteered at the haunted house last night. Good fun. Brought back some good ol memories, and I saw some friends I havent seen in quite a while.

Thats all I got. My throat hurts.
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2005|10:42 am]
Jakey Jake
My birthday today. Too bad I work 11:30 to 7:30.
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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2005|10:43 am]
Jakey Jake
Who am I?
Do you know?
I dont think you do!

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Dear God [May. 19th, 2005|07:29 am]
Jakey Jake
The most amazingly hard riddle ever.

I got to lvl 8.
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Ehhh [May. 19th, 2005|04:29 am]
Jakey Jake
[mood |blankblank]

First of: Star Wars Episode 3= Just...wow. Words dont describe.

Actually, thats all. Night. :)
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2005|06:15 pm]
Jakey Jake
[mood |uh...Fucking Great :D]
[music |Fucking Great - Blood Brothers]

Hmm. Lets see.

Prom: Good food, meh music, pretty Cassie.

Blood Brothers Concert: First band, not good. Second band, Pretty good. Blood Bros. Effin Amazing.

No work all this week: Vacation with lots of sleeping for me.

Not a bad week or two.
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2005|05:43 pm]
Jakey Jake
[mood |tiredtired]

Maybe dad was right.
I'm an asshole.
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2005|03:25 pm]
Jakey Jake
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |Kill - Jimmy Eat World]

4 syllables, 3 situations.
Whether it be a lifelong curse,
A repeating shitstorm,
Or just one dumb move you regret making.
Its something that haunts you.
Something that teases you, mocks you at every thought.
Makes you question yourself, your very beliefs of what is wrong and right.
Makes you wonder if what it is that you learned growing up really stuck.
Even the smallest mistake of stupidity will show through your very being.
Whether you were a hero, a nice guy, or just someone who did something worth knowing,
Theres always a flaw.
Theres always that stupid face laughing at you.
You can't get rid of it,
You can't hide it.
You can't take it back,
You can't undo it.
You can't apoligize enough for it.
You can't sell your soul to fix it, no matter how much you want to.
It makes you sick to your stomach
It makes your head scream
It makes the blade feel that much better
It makes suicide an option
It's in your head
It's in your mirror
It's in your friends
It's in your bed
It's on your tv
It's in your computer
It's there when you sleep
It's there when you eat
It's there when you smile
It's there when you cry
It's there when you close your eyes
It's unavoidable,
It's undefeatable,
It's unexpected,
and the most saddening, depressing thing is
it will probably happen again.
And there is nothing you can do to stop it.
Cause stupidity is around every corner
In every step
Within every movement
And when it happens, you just have to ask yourself
How bad am I going make this?
How incredibly stupid do I want this moment to be?
How determined am I to make myself look more and more like an asshole?
How fast do I want to obliterate my self image,
What everyone thinks of me as,
What I worked so hard to become,
Just so I can do something stupid and not realize it until it's too late?
Until I've lost everything?
Until I have nothing?
Until my act of stupidity defines me as a being?
Until I cant even leave my room for fear of what people perceive of me?
Until theres no one to to talk to but myself?
Or do I want to face the fact
That stupidty has arisen again
Has beaten me into submission

And I let it.
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2005|01:51 pm]
Jakey Jake
[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |The hum of my computer]

So apparently, my mom is poor. We are really poor, and she cant pay alot of the bills. She actually mentioned me having to find somewhere to live. Any takers? Yea, I wouldnt take me either.

Shes really upset over it, and normally I dont worry about things, but im actually starting to think about it. The more I think about it, I start to feel really ill, like im going to throw up. Or maybe something else is occupying (sp?) my mind. Either way, I just feel really gross today.

No regrets......right? .....
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Button Button, whos got the Button... [May. 4th, 2005|03:23 am]
Jakey Jake
[mood |pissed offXbox Broke.]
[music |Cliche Guevara - Against Me]


Buttons are funny.
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