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Painting A Lie

increase, delete, escape, defeat...

28 December
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  • Painting A Lie
keep on dreaming, cause when you stop dreaming it's time to die...

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silverchair is love
silverchair is love.
alanis morissette, alice in chains, almost famous, alternative rock, america, ani difranco, anti affirmative action, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, australia, autumn, bath and body works, beijing, big brother, bill o'reilly, blind melon, blow, books, boys, bread, bubble baths, burien, campaigners, candles, carmal, catcher and the rye, cheesecake, cheshire cat, christianity, church, coffee shops, conan o'brien, conceiting.the.victory, concerts, conservative views, daily show, daniel johns, darkness, dashboard confessional, death, debates, diorama, driving, easy mac, emotions, eye liner, faith, family, felicity, fireworks, fleetwood mac, fox news, freaks and geaks, friends, god, grace, hcca, hhs, higher ground, highline high school, history, holden caufield, holding hands, hottubs, i love lucy, igby goes down, intelligent conversation, janis joplin, jesus, jewel, johnny depp, labyrinth, legend, libraries, life, lightning, lilacs, live from faraway stables, long hair on boys, love, macauly culkin, maroon 5, meaningful discussions, michael myers, moonlight, music, my job, my purple pumas, naps, neon ballroom, news, news radio, night, omega, pay checks, piercings, pirates, placebo, poetry, political science, politics, prayer, pro life, pschology, pulp fiction, purples, quiznos, reading, real world, religion, republicans, ridgeway, rock 'n roll, rollercoasters, salvation, saved by the bell, seatlle, seattle, second hand shops, seinfeld, silverchair, sleeping, sleepy hollow, slurpees, snuggling, squirt (the drink), starbucks, stars, stevie nicks, sweat pea, tattoos, that 70's show, the believer, the bible, the color black, the dissociatives, the hours, the ridge, theology, thrift stores, toffee nut frappuccinos, toffee nut lattes, trainspotting, usa, value village, vicodin, washington state, western washington university, wwu, young life