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just got back from home today. it was an ok visit, i worked sat and sun at hollywood. it wasnt weird being back at all, i just slipped right into place there i thought. i didnt get to see rach that much but it's ok, shes coming up this weekend. i saw troy and eric at hollywood, which was interesting to say the least. best thing about my trip home was i finally got all my music, so now it's up here with me now. oh how painful it was!!
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aaangry megaphone man...

going back to my parents house was nice last weekend. i do say parents house and not home becoz, honestly, it didnt feel like home. where my room used to be now resides my brother, and his room has been turned into an office. it's not only that, its just really small things that are new, or just plain different. At night i got to chose to sleep on the couch or bunk up with my mom. i dunno, call me crazy but all this stuff doesnt feel like my home. don't get me wrong i'm not complaining, i just thought it would take a little more than a month for this feeling to kick in. oh well. this week has been pretty hectic, and today i have a quiz and exam. i'm a little nervous, hell the exam alone is worth 30% of my overall grade. After classes today though, i'm heading on down to burien until monday morning. it's homecoming week at our old highschool, Highline. i believe we are going to go to the game and then i'm going out with deanne for some fun. saturday we're looking at going to a corn maze or haunted house which would be soooo increadibly fun since i've never been to either. Well i'm off...

call me if you're in burien and want to do something, it would be lovely.
206 910 2536

on another note, i've decided to go skydiving. YES!! want to go??
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so we got new that my dad's grandmother passed away. the crappy thing is she went on september 11th and we didnt know for a whole month. i guess they couldnt get a hold of us coz we dont really associate with my dad's side of the family. anyways i guess my dad shed some tears. i've never seen my dad cry, and i'm glad i didn't, i dont think i could of handled it. i feel bad though, i never met her but i never made an effort to write to her or anything...

i have a math exam on friday. i'm so nervous, i got a D on my last quiz. so hopefully i can get my shit together. i've been studying real hard for it...

rach visited last weekend, it was nice, i really missed her.

i haven't heard back from ISV yet!! i'm dying to know if i actually have a chance to go to Australia next summer.

today at lunch i had a fortune cookie and it said,
"A distant romance could begin to look more promising"

haha sweet...

p.s. sam mulvihill is a douche bag
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a friday night at WWU

well last night Peter came up to Bellingham. he arrived at 1:30am, so i decided to hang out with him coz it was a friday night. we hung out until about 6am this morning, man thats sooo late. we went to this guy's apartment where everyone started drinking (there were probably like 5 guys). i didn't because i was the designated driver. anyways the entire night these drunk guys were talking about everything, music, life, God. just some heavy crap, but it was very interesting to listen to them even though they were not in their normal state of mind. Just a very unique situation to sit back and watch/listen to these guys. anyways Peter spent the night in my dorm and this morning he's going to Canada for the day.

Last night was also CCF, good times...

in other news, i'm supposed to hear back this week, if i've been accepted to go on the ISV trip to Australia. i can't wait. its soooo weird, my parents actually want me to go, well my mom at least, my dad doesnt really care which is good coz he didnt say no. i really hope i can make this happen.

well with only a little over 3 hours of sleep this morning i'm exausted, but rachael should be in within the hour, she's staying today and tomorrow. it's so weird i haven't seen her in like 2 weeks. dang...
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rock and rollin' around in the dirt...

good lord today was BUSY!! i was done with classes by 12:50 so i studied for a few hours. reregistered for voting becoz i'm living at a different address. at 4 Richie stopped by to help me with my computer. at 5 i went to the meeting for the australia trip this summer. i applied, and i will find out next week if i'm accepted. so i can't wait. after that i rushed back to watch the presidential debate. didn't change my vote, but there are still a couple debates to go. then at 7:30 i went to core with lindsey. it was good, the girls seem nice. when we were leaving this guy, Drew invited us to play capture the flag down at olde main. so we decided to go. it was sooooo much fun. i'm filthy and tired and sweaty....mmmm i had fun. its 12:10 and we just got back, like 3 hours of playing. we finally got shut down by the police, we're such rebels. anyways its every thursday night so i think i'm going to go, all the guys were awesome.
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not everyone here is that fucked up and cold...

man oh man sooooo much homework this week, just take a look.

history: text book (453-478), (514-544), (611-643)
read 2/3 of the novel breadgivers.

math: 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4

political science: textbook (1-17), (18-35), (92-113)

i have most of it done, just the last two reading assignments for history. i did homework for 6 hours yesterday. man oh man, i didn't know college was going to be this much work the first week.

i just found out about an oppurtunity western is offering students this summer. a 4 week trip to either costa rica, domincan republic, australia, new zealand, or romania. the first 2 weeks are volunteer work, and the latter 2 are vacationing. FINALLY a trip to australia, it would be a trip of a life time. man i hope i can go. there is an informational meeting tomorrow.

no poli sci class on friday, sweet.

Rachael and some of the gang from back home are coming on saturday, should be good fun.

still chatting with Eric which is great.

on another note...i think i lost my nipple jewelry!! :-\

well it's almost 1:00am, i'm off...
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