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wow... she looks just like you!
Great Idea! I like the second one best.. The third doesn't show up. :(
Hi! This might be kind of weird, but I'm not sure who else to contact since the other maintainers of jeffree_star don't have any contact information listed or they don't appear to go on LJ that much. I was wondering if you would mind posting or accepting an advertisement for sequinstrapped in the community. I'm trying to create an active Jeffree community on Live Journal since the official one is inactive but the problem is that I don't know how to advertise it to other Jeffree fans; Jeffree doesn't exactly fit into a specific category so I can't advertise it in other active comms. Promotion communities are available but I don't think that will catch the attention of many fans ):

I understand if you think this is out of line or you don't wish to help me. If there's someone else you could direct me to, that'd be awesome, and if not, that's okay too. Thank you for your time ♥
YES! I want my own community back - I'm still a little miffed that someone just yanked it from me that I "trusted." So, anyway, yes - I want back.
hi. :) just joined your community "guessmyage". in rules 4&5 "stamping" is mentioned... what does it mean? thanks!

November 2013

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