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This week has been fucking crazy. Honestly, it's been like an emotional roller coaster. I actually can't wait for school to start on Monday so that I can get my mind off of all this. I think I've pretty much felt every emotion this week that you could possibly think of.

Anyone watch Welcome to the Parker? It's a show on Bravo about what goes on at The Parker, a five star hotel in Palm Springs, California. It is kind of interesting, yet I think at least 50% of it is rigged. Honestly, if the hotel is like they portray than I would never stay there. They treat their customers like garbage, even people like food critics and travel agents that are rating them and who don't have to pay for anything there. And what I don't understand is how they hire staff based on "personality," not experience. That's sweet and all, and maybe a good idea for a lower budget hotel. But for a five star hotel, I want good fucking service. I don't just want a nice personality, but I want to be served by staff who know what the fuck they're doing. That's what your paying tons of money for, right? The best service possible by some of the most experienced in the field?

Sean dragged me to Superbad today. I just hate movies like that. They bore and irritate me. It's such typical American comedy bullshit. I don't think I'm some kind of elitist about comedy, but really, it's just trash. I will admit though, that it was better than most of those kinds of movies. That's not saying that much though.

I think I'm going to Phone Tap by mom. It's this thing they do on Z-100/Y-100 where they play pranks on people on the phone. They're hilarious because people get so, so pissed off. My mom has this laptop that is actually owned by the university. She has it at home and that's fine, but technically it's just supposed to be used for work purposes. I use it all the time, and she's pretty much accepted that, but it still kind of irritates her to a degree and she gets extremely paranoid that I'm going to break it. So what I'm going to try to get the radio to do is call her pretending that they're a repair person from an electronics store. They're going to tell her that a soaking wet and completely busted laptop was brought in. They were going to repair it, but they found out it was actually owned by the university, thus they're going to have to get their permission to repair it. They'll get me on the phone, and I'll tell her that I took it to the pool while tanning and dropped it in. I'll act like I don't give a damn and go from there. It should be pretty damn hilarious if it actually gets done.


I loved Superbad! Haha, it wasn't the best movie ever, but I thought it was pretty funny. I don't know - I'm not really into stupid comedies either, but I do appreciate some. Hotrod was TERRIBLE - I was just basically dragged into that one. But I have to say, this and Knocked Up both had me laughing pretty damn hard.

November 2013

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