Happiest Day Ever? Yes.

Anime North is coming up really soon and I'm thankfully almost finished with my outfit. I just can't find the right wig ANYWHERE!! It's enough to drive me crazy ;_; Also since I haven't mentioned it, I'm cosplaying this year as Nana from Nana.

Right now, that's not important though haha You see, today might just be the BEST day I've had in the LONGEST time! Why you ask?

------> Look Here <------

It is in the process of being shipped as I type this. Limited Edition! I cannot believe there are still copies in stock! i cannot wait to watch it...although I've seen a small little clip and it looks absolutely amazing.

On a side note, preordered their new upcoming Mini-CD White Prayer, LE as well since I want the PV so badly haha Also managed to get my hands on the PSC Tour (Peace and Smile Carnival Tour) backstage video but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

I need to get back to doing stuff for work *sigh* Hopefully next update will be sooner :D

I almost forgot!

One thing I forgot to mention in my update was that I got a new tattoo! I've had it for about a month now and I love it! It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would so that was good lol

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Isn't it cute? I know it's not the best picture but it's on the right side of my lower back and it's hard to take a picture of something on your own back ^^; Most of you are probably thinking I'm crazy and that I'll hate it in about 10 years but I guess we'll just have to wait and see haha
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My Sincerest Apologies

I know I kind of just disappeared off the face of the earth...even after I said I wouldn't back in October, however I hope you can all understand when I say that I really just needed to get my life back in order. I cancelled my internet for awhile so I wouldn't be tempted to spend all my free time on the computer and it helped for awhile.

Although my love life is non-existant, I'm okay with that lol It's been 10 months now since I left my ex and I've finally made it to where I'm happy with my life. I got a new job...well actually I've been through two new jobs now.

I was originally an assistant manger at E.B Games. A job which I LOVED because I'm such a fan of video games. I really loved my co-workers and we're still good friends and truthfully I would have been happy to stay where I was because it was such a fun job. I ended up applying for another job though, never assuming I'd get it, but I'm now the Playstation rep for the Kitchener/Cambridge area, working directly for Sony.

Other than my job, my best friend from back when I was in grade 10 contacted me and we've been going or coffee and dinner and remembering how dorky we were back then..and realizing that we're not much different now ^^;

Anyway for now that's my update. I have Zelda: Twilight Princess on pause and it's calling to me lol
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Holy Hell!

No, I didn't die. I swear it. I'm still very much alive...barely...but I'm okay I guess. Anyway,I thought I should pop in and disappoint you all that I am still breathing haha I know that I've been M.I.A for like months now but I have some very good reasons for that...that are a little too personal to share, my apologies. I'll get back on top of things soon, I assure all of you.
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Kuro-zilla anyone?

I can barey even comment on the pure crack that was this week's TRC ep... >.>

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And two days ago I got the urge to catch up on all those Bleach episodes I missed. I only had 13 to download so it wasn't bad but it took me FOREVER to find the disc that I burned the last few eps on. I was actually surprised by what I came across while I was looking for it. Half the stuff I don't even remember downloading in the first place and some stuff I just completely forgot about. (like the FMA movie for could I forget to watch that?!) And I never did watch the last ep of Meine Liebe Wieder...oops.

Oh! And I FINALLY got a strictly Kuro/Fai moodtheme ♥ I was too lazy to make one myself so I'm really glad someone else made one haha

Organized? I think not.

I finally got my internet hooked up since like...Friday night I think? Anyways, it's nice to have it back but I had so much catching up to do ;_; Everything's organized for ouran_fic I think it starts tomorrow? Finished the screencaps for Ouran Ep14 and caught up over at bnf_brawl....I still feel like I'm missing something though??

Moving on, new season of Honey & Clover started off with a recap >.> Oh well, it's been awhile since it finished so it was to be expected. If this whole season is just more angst....god i'll probably still watch it anyway, but I'll complain about it constantly! ^^;

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I am SO pissed right now. I just got off the phone with my ex's sister and she's making me out to sound like a total bitch that's like fucking cleaning him out or something! She said I should "seriously consider" my choice to take the computer. Fuck her, the god damn thing is pretty much mine anyways! And she's pissy cause I'm taking the tv that MY parents gave to us!

AND in the end I got stuck with the fucking car. I DON'T WANT IT!!!!!!! And yet I still get to hear "Well you know, you're getting the TV, computer, playstation, CAR..." I didn't want the car in the first place, I TRIED to give it to him but it's not MY fault that none of you qualified to take over the lease!!!

This whole thing is complete shit. I can't WAIT to get out of here. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.


Yay for Randomness~!

Made it through my last day of work! It felt so great walking out of there and knowing I wasn't going to have to go back! Although I'm going to miss everyone like crazy. I would go on and same WHY I'd miss each person but Jessica, you're the only one that will ever see this! haha So I'm going to miss being able to talk about anime with you and laugh at the customers and all that other cray shit we did that escpaes my mind at 5:47am XD

My movie came in at Rogers Video, FINALLY! I order Infection like weeks ago and I'd almost thought it wasn't going to get here before I moved. (Which btw I do on Saturday and am nowhere near packed for it ;_;)

So when the hell did it get decided that they were doing a Honey & Clover second season?! This is great cause, you know, I wasn't already suffering enough angst from watching/reading Nana so now I can just add this onto it as well. (Okay, seriously though I like the show...for Nomiya...he's the sole reason I still watch that damn thing or I would have abandoned it long ago ^^;)

Also, this multi-fandom rpg I joined is cracktastic! Hisoka Kurosaki's already gotten Fye addicted porn, Oliver Wood has introduced him to fanfiction, he's got a karaoke date with one of the Tenimyu actors, Tamaki is introducing him to the wonders of commoner's food and there's more but my brain isn't working properly after being around the crack for so long ^^;

Stupid Things Only I Would Think Of...

Maybe it's because it's late (4:30AM ^^;) or because I'm completely exhausted from screencapping this episode...or maybe it's just cause I read too much yaoi and my mind just automatically goes there but...(Oh and just in case...Spoilers for Ep11 ^^)

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