heyokaboy_'s Journal

Rafey Pooh-Head
11 September
Zodiac Sun Sign: Virgo (oh, shut up)
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Rising Sign: Aquarious
Favorite Color: Black and Orange (but not at the same time)
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Pear Cider
Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink: Tangerine Juice
Type of Home: My own, finally
Dream Home: Mine
Favorite Smells: Lavender, Black Licorice
Least Favorite Smells: Moths burning in the Halogen Lamps, My mother’s hairspray
Favorite Sounds: Choral Music, Opera, Snoring Dogs
Least Favorite Sounds: Electric guitar interludes in bad 80’s tunes, The phone ringing, The sound of my head being squished by clowns
First Thing I Think of In the Morning: Why do they call me at 7am, when they know I don’t start until 9am (I work from home)
Last Thing I think of When I Go To Bed: Yeah, I bet you’d like to know
Is There a God: I dunno. Ask him.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Pear Sorbet
Favorite Food: Dumle, Banana Laffy Taffy
Favorite Animal: My Doggy
Future Child's Name: “Please God, No!”
Type of Car: Honda Accord. I try to be original
Favorite Movies: “Nice Girls Don’t Explode”, “Matilda”, “Dancer In The Dark”, Into The West”
Sports: Fencing, Softball, Spelunking, Climbing, Air Hockey, Bowling, Skeeball (No, it’s a sport!)
Places I Have Traveled To: 48 Lower States, Canada (8 provinces), Mexico, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Vatican City, Gibraltar, Morocco, Tunisia
Future Travel Destinations: Ireland, Scotland, China, Mongolia, Central America, Alaska, Hawaii, Cape Verde, Peru, The Maldives, Iowa