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heydigital_'s Journal

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  • heydigital_@livejournal.com
this is NOT a real journal. it's a graphics journal. if you want to add me for the sake of reading my entries, add _allbutgone. i will only add you back IF i know you from somewhere and we've talked at least once. however, you are welcome to add this lj and take whatever i make as long as you follow the rules.

x1: first of all, add me. if i catch people taking my stuff without adding me, my livejournal will become friends-only.

x2: if you take, you must comment first.

x3: credit credit credit!

x4: criticism is welcome, as long as it's constructive. i don't want to hear you bitch, k?

x5: requests are allowed. however, you have to be very detailed. if there's something you don't like about the icon, i'll change it as long as you're polite about it.

x6: be patient. i do have a life outside of lj.

x7: you're welcome to ask me questions about making graphics as long as you don't over-do it. there are communities made to teach people about this.

if you break any of these rules, you get a warning. if you break rule #3, there is no warning. i'll find you and you'll be sorry for not crediting.