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The Journal of An Anti-social Coquette Who Has An Insatiable Urge to Osculate

A rehash of one girl's liasons

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Hey, guess what? I'm friends-only... comment in a post and tell me to add you if you want to be added
I did a little bit of late-summer cleaning, so if you got lost in the mess of it, it was probably because I didn't feel like you or I were gaining anything from each other's journals... sorry.
I am a girl, not much unlike any other. I am actually terribly
typical. So typical, in fact, that I roam the streets of my megalopolitan
neighborhood at night, going completely unnoticed by any of the charlatans,
hoods, and carousers that poison my community. This strange affliction of
typicality has driven me to live a parallel life. By light of day, I live
and work as a web designer, choring systematically towards financial placidity.
I have many acquaintances that I've collected and that I affectionately
refer to as 'friends', none of whom truly know me, or care to know me, for
that matter. By sunset, my unaesthetic form is metamorphosed into the sultry,
nocturnal femme, seducing unsuspecting boys with my wicked wiles. Never
does my night life cross the path of my day life. Although I've only recently
started my journal, there are many tales that I only wish that I could retell.
Alas, my workload keeps me from accomplishing this cumbersome task. However,
everything from now on will be shared in my journal. Lifeless by day, temptress
by night. These are my stories...

'playing' w/ouija boards, .the beautiful people., 60's/70's retro crap, alice in chains, all things endearing, apple antibacterial gel, asian food products, bausch&lomb eye drops, being john malkovich, being myself in private, berlin (the group), bjork, black leather stiletto boots, blondie, boxer-briefs on boys, britney spears, cartoony band-aids, charlie kaufman, chivalrous men, chocolate (nuts&chews), chris cornell, chris cunningham, classic wood paneling, classical music, coconut tanning oil (scent), connect-four over checkers, converse with everything, cutesy colorful anime, david bowie(labyrinth), deftones, depeche mode, detailed brassieres, doing impressions of everyone, down comforters&pillows, duran duran, edward norton, eightie's butt-rock, eightie's madonna, electric blue (color), erasure, esthero, everest chewing gum, everything tokyo, experiencing new york, expressing sarcasm, feeling complete nostalgia, fiona apple, fishnet hosiery, foodfoodfoodfood, freakish japanese hentai, friendster over myspace, fruit-infused scents, ginger cici & boy, going to watch ballets, going to watch opuses, having boys bathe me, having real boobs, high fashion, hot boys, hot dark-haired rocker boys, interpol, jamiroquai, jean-pierre jeunet, jude law, justin theroux, kissing good kissers, kitties&puppies, knives as accessories, led zeppelin, lingerie-collecting, lipstick over lipgloss, living in west hollywood, long-stemmed white roses, lovage, manolo blahniks, marrying conan o'brien, massive attack, messy sexed hair, michael wincott, michel gondry, modern-mohawks, morcheeba, morrissey, moschino 'cheap and chic', mtv, naked-ness, new order, nocturnal-living, oasis, og atari, old school rollerskates, omd, original hello kitty, pale pink (the color), paul thomas anderson, pet shop boys, portishead, practicing elitism, pretty porn, radiohead, raven-hair, receiving pedicures, red currant votivo candles, red velvet b-day cake, rich eyeshadow, ripe red strawberries, rock music, roman polanski, route 66, sanrio, scott weiland, scruffy boys, see's candies over godiva, sex and the city, sexy girls with class, shooting photography, shu uemura, shyness (in me), six feet under (june!!!), sleeping in the day-time, smeared black-eyeliner, soundgarden, sour patch kids, spike jonze, spraying pepper spray, stanley kubrick, stone temple pilots, strappy stiletto heels, studying dictionaries, summer & sun-kissed skin, system of a down, terry gilliam, the animals, the beatles, the coffee bean (bf), the cure, the doors, the rolling stones, the smiths, tool, traveling for work, tricky, underwear all day, violent femmes, visiting metropolitan cities, watching beach sunsets, wearing fake eyelashes, weezer, wes anderson, winter in flip-flops