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Young Blood

Журнал Marie Claire представил серию работ американского фотографа Эрики Ларсен, которая в течение года путешествовала по США в поисках героев для своего репортажа – маленьких зверобоев. Эти дети баскетболу и походам в кино предпочитают совсем другие игры на свежем воздухе, а именно охоту и отстрел мохнатых и пернатых представителей фауны.

Около десятка страниц украшают фотографии детей от 8-9 лет с оружием в руках, а на некоторых милые детки сфотографированы на фоне своих трофеев.

Nick Yost, 9
"I usually don't have any problems waking up early to go hunting. I just jump out of bed," says Nick Yost, who bagged around a dozen squirrels in his first season hunting last year. Nick hunts with his father and younger sister on land owned by his family and friends.

Cody Doughman, 12
"It's just so fun-"to spend time in nature, to enjoy God's creation," He and his older brother Justin have grown up close to the land, plowing and tending food plots on their family's 3,000 acres after school, and hunting whenever they get a chance.

Justing Doughman, 15
"I hunt to relax and to think about how good the woods look."

P.J. Senn, 11
"I was hyped up from shooting that pheasant," he says. "When I go pheasant hunting I can get really wild and do crazy things because it's so fun."

Will Freiburger, 14
"Hunting makes me closer to my dad, and it gives me some time to relax and have fun."


http://www.fieldandstream.com/article_gallery.jsp?ID=1000014269&page=1 - здесь фотографии с комментариями к каждой, на английском

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