I'll set myself on fire

Come on, Watch me burn

Only you, beautiful.
25 July
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My name is Chelsey. I'm sixteen years of age. I like music a lot. I am straight edge. I do not like heartache. My heart belongs to a wonderful boy named MICHAEL. I like real friends. I like attending concerts. I like my Honda Civic. I like driving too. I try to multitask a lot. Thrift stores are the shit. I like rain, but not when I've just straightened my hair and am going out wanting to look decent. Stars are beautiful. Night is 23497348 times better than day. Boxers are the best. I like ripping paper hearts in half. I like boys who wear girl pants. Hardcore catches my fancy. I do not like high school or Florida very much. I despise anything that bites and/or stings. I don't like pop ups either. I like taking pictures. I like writing things down.

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Stay gold. Stay true to yourself, to your friends and never let go.

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