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love you more than yesterday [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
love you more than yesterday

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not dead [Feb. 28th, 2010|10:09 pm]
love you more than yesterday
[music |tell me why - the belmonts]

1) gorging, gorging, gorging on mini eggs. good god.
2) going through an intense doo wop + rock n' roll obsession
3) i want an entire wardrobe of marni funny old lady at the art museum perfect colour palette clothes
4) writing letters to my pen pals on the train (i write better on the train than i do at home)
5) had the first part of my semester ENGULFED by a mould making assignment (god, how i hate it!) but received 85s on my first two papers

6) SLOWLY getting out of an art rut, MAYBE?
7) spending a lot of time walking around chinatown
8) i found the best store ever. it's in the basement and has a room filled with plastic stools and buckets, stacked eight feet high in all pastel colours. it also has buckets of mint-coloured strings, men's underwear with zippers in the front (just like the ones in jia zhangke's still life), clear balloons that have faded into pink (i don't know how), those see-through plastic rain caps with polka dot patterns (bought one and wore it on the walk home!), plastic rain loafers (also bought a pair and walked home in them). yes, rain loafers - slip-on loafers made with shiny black material used for galoshes. they cost five bucks and are totally badass!

9) saw shutter island with daniel. i really enjoyed seeing leonardo dicaprio lose his shit on a cliff surrounded by rats
10) did SOME reading on reading week (the first few chapters of "for a new novel" and some school stuff), but mostly did not read and cuddled with daniel instead

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31 january 1942 – 19 february 1994 [Feb. 19th, 2010|05:47 pm]
love you more than yesterday

the colour of derek jarman's "blue" according to three youtube videos.
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yes this is important [Jul. 19th, 2009|06:43 am]
love you more than yesterday

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when you kiss me i shiver [Jun. 16th, 2009|03:14 pm]
love you more than yesterday
[music |red dress - half japanese]

it's summertime and i made some drawings that i like. it's been a while since i've done that.

(luella s/s 09, francis bacon, cy twombly of course of course of course, dries van noten f/w 09, assemblage?)

it's summertime and i'm going to see jonathan richman next week. should i make him a chocolate malt or is that just creepy? should i go in a striped shirt? i want to, but that's probably creepy, too.

it's summertime and i ate soft serve ice cream.
it's summertime and i wore a short-sleeved top.
it's summertime and i'm dancing in the subway while i wait for my train.
it's summertime and i only listen to the  modern lovers and half japanese.
it's summertime and i'm going to see the jacques tati retrospective at the cinematheque.

it's summertime and i'm taking summer school, and i need to stop avoiding it.
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if i were [May. 11th, 2009|07:15 pm]
love you more than yesterday
[music |tais-toi petite folle - tiny yong]

a month, i would be: may. there is always so much to look forward to in may; first ice-cream, spring weather (better than summer weather, really), summer break, leaves coming back into my life. the trees are without leaves for such a large part of the year that i forget that trees are even supposed to have leaves, so it is a pleasant surprise to see them once again.
a day of the week, i would be: friday.
a time of day, i would be: late late late at night. i guess that's just early early early in the morning?
a planet, i would be: pluto. off in my little corner.
a sea animal, i would be: monkfish. well, at least when i'm yawing or growling.
a direction, i would be: to the left, to the left
a piece of furniture, i would be: my boyfriend's bed
a sin, i would be: eating too many wafers.
a historical figure, i would be: yoko ono
a liquid, i would be: strawberry milk tea
a stone, i would be: stoned?
a tree, i would be: birch. or a weeping willow, so that you could swing on my branches.titty
a bird, i would be: humming
a tool, i would be: thread clipper
a flower/plant, i would be: baby's breath (flower constellations!) or cherry blossom
a kind of weather, i would be: falling snow (fluffy)
a mythical creature, i would be: yuki-onna
a musical instrument, i would be: theremin
an animal, i would be: daschund, scottish fold
a colour, i would be: pale pink
a vegetable, i would be: radish (pickled)
a sound, i would be: church bells
an element, i would be: the whole table
a car, i would be: 1938 vw beetle
a book, i would be written by: e.e. cummings, perhaps. he has a nice way with punctuation.
a food, i would be: strawberry tart
a material, i would be: felt
a scent, i would be: old books (i have a copy of molière's plays that smells just like waffles!)
a word, i would be: neat
a body part, i would be: kisser
a facial expression, i would be: blushing
a subject in school, i would be: french, bien sûr!
a cartoon character, i would be: moomin. i need to lose weight.
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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2009|04:13 am]
love you more than yesterday

my posts have been rather lacking lately
let's bond over desktops

* daniel and i missed jansco things b/c we had to go to his cousin's engagement party, starring:instrumental version of colours of the wind"
*i am such a slut when it comes to old men
*i held the door open for one of them on friday, i told him that i like his glasses, then he said that he liked my glasses, dress, boots, and hat, then asked if i liked his hat and i said "yes! you're very snappy"
* i stare on the subway
* a man collecting donations for black history month (in the subway) asked if i would go out with him, i said no i have a boyfriend, and he asked "is he black or white" and i said "white", to which he replied "well i guess you've never tasted chocolate"
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taiwan's hamster of cinema [Mar. 15th, 2009|02:30 am]
love you more than yesterday
[music |wir bauen eine neue schdadt - palais schaumburg]

OMG do want
(welcome to tsai ming-liang fangirling)


"A fireman on the set took Mr. Tsai to a hidden pond beneath the Louvre, where the director then shot Ms. Casta up to her waist in murky waters. And he filmed Mr. Léaud crawling out of what looks like a giant mouse hole beneath Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of St. John the Baptist."

"Mr. Tsai said he loved the way she danced with the stag in the snowy Tuileries, minimally clad in Christian Lacroix and singing Chinese songs against a tape."

some more grace chang songs perhaps (plz)?

here she is performing the song in 'air hostess'... she is so charming

and dreamy and everything nice. i could watch her forever
i hope this will see a release at the toronto international film festival. i would do anything to see it/meet ming-liang (???) i've had luck with this in the past

bffs (kiyoshi kurosawa + self) at the tiff showing of tokyo sonata

HALP. make masters of cinema release tokyo sonata sooner (now)


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i promise i will make a meaningful post later [Mar. 11th, 2009|02:39 am]
love you more than yesterday
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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2009|04:58 am]
love you more than yesterday
for a new macro


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ART SCHOOL PART 2 [Jan. 12th, 2009|10:31 pm]
love you more than yesterday
me:"yeah, i'm definitely not going to write a poem for this assignment. writing poetry is really difficult and i can't do it."
girl:"yeah,me neither. well, actually, it depends. like, i can write surrealist poetry really easily because surrealism is  just like, whatever, from your head"

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