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Dossier: Yuy, Heero

Heero Yuy

From a young age, the boy now known as Heero Yuy was trained to be what he has become. A soldier, an assasin, a killer. 'Heero' was mentored at a young age by the only person who would take him under his wing, Odin Lowe.

His life was never a simple one. At the age of 8, 'Heero's' life was changed again.
Due to a mistake being made, Odin ended up dying by the hand of very people who hired them. Alone again, 'Heero' had no choice left but to live alone.

After the incident on L3's X-18999 which left him alone again. The boy wondered the street of a colony, where he was picked up by a man called Doctor J. Thus began his life as Heero Yuy, Gundam Pilot and Perfect Soldier. Through out his life, Heero has been haunted by his memories of "the mission gone wrong."

Fighting and living through two wars left the 'Perfect Soldier' with nothing. He had no family, no home to return to. Almost a year later, and nothing has changed. And perhaps nothing ever will...

Story so far...

A new path for an unwanted soldier? A new direction in life?

After having tried a variety of different pathways in a number of different places, loyalties won out. Almost a year after leaving, the blue eyed ex-pilot has returned to the Earth. To memories of the past, and possibilities of a future.

A visit to an old friend, and current vice foreign minister. Communications with the four other people he could consider friends. Slowly but surely, the teenage soldier is finding his own path to follow...

This is an rp journal for not_unwounded which is a continuation of faded_melody