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Get Happy

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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2012|03:28 pm]
Get Happy

Some entries are public, but most are friends only.
Friend me, comment, & ill friend you back ♥
Other than that lets be the people other people talk about ;]
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Oh my love for the first time in my life, my eyes are open [Sep. 30th, 2009|01:19 am]
Get Happy
[Current Location |mom's laptop]
[Current Mood |fulfilled]

I was remembering how misunderstood I felt in the beginning. How I wanted everything to be perfect right away. And once we took a little time apart.. to collect our thoughts & feelings, and experience how dull and empty our lives felt without each other.. we knew that we were better people for having had each others company.

I got fired from my job (Starbucks), and at the height of my realization that I needed him in my life.. he needed to take a step back to sort things out and deal with other issues. Confused and afraid, I practically ran away. The trip wouldn't have been so monotone if she hadn't flipped out and kicked me out of her apartment. It was a healthy time apart. Being in my absolute favorite place, L.A.. my zen.. and still feeling empty.. I knew that he needed to remain in my life for me to feel whole again. There were things that I wanted to fix... things that, if given the chance, I would have done differently. And after a lengthy long-distance phone call home, I knew that he felt the same and wanted to give it another go. That phone call.... was the happiest moment (aside from runner up moment - over-the-night road trip to Vegas) of my entire "vacation". And even if everything else in my life was falling apart, he was enough to keep me focused, grounded, loved, determined, happy, appreciative, honest, and caring.

After what felt like a month, I was home. It had been the 1st and only time that I was happy to leave L.A. because I knew I had something much better waiting for me in Florida.

It was a slow and steady merge back into our comfortableness with each other, even though we declared our love for one another almost instantly. I got a job promoting and serving shots for Christian Melo- the scumbag club promoter of the area (though i didn't it at the time lol). I applied all over the place. Before I knew it, everything had become back to normal (and 10x's better than it ever was) with my boyfriend. Time seemed to jet fast forward in the next month or so - even though it seemed to completely stand still when I was in his arms. I left Melo to work for Off The Hookah. I've been there 2 nights a week ever since. I also got hired (finally) at the FAU Starbucks, owned by Chartwells. And, in present day, I can thankfully say that my feelings for Eddie are so solid and so different than any love I've ever known.

And I remember in the beginning, when I used to worry, and it almost seems humorous now.. because this is the most understood and the most comfortable I have ever been with a single person. And yet, there is still even more to do, more to experience together, and learn about each other. It is a self-less love, and I am so appreciative for it. It makes me stronger. It helps me get through the day. And it keeps me level-headed when times are rough. I don't know how I got so lucky. And yet, I'll bet he'd say the same about himself. :)


2.5 weeks until our 6 month anniversary :D
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2008|02:47 am]
Get Happy
Alanis Morissette's new cd is pretty damn amazing.
It's like nothing I've heard her do before.

Grocery shopping today, felt quite productive.

Love my Banana Chocolate Vivanno.

Maine in 15 more days!!

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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2008|03:47 am]
Get Happy
[Current Mood |artistic]
[Current Music |bottoms up]

I have been getting to bed so late lately!
i've always been a night owl.. but i usually had to struggle to stay awake on the computer this long. but recently I am just wide the fuck awakeee.

Everyone that's curious about the movie that I've been working on should search for my channel on youtube.com!! >>angelfaery637<<
The trailer is there along with a couple little mini vids i made on the set ;)

You don't mess with the Zohan was pretty funny ;D

I'm feeling creative lately.
I should draw in my free time
It'd make me feel productive.

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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2008|02:32 pm]
Get Happy
[Current Music |Mindless Self Indulgence]

I really can't wait for DARK KNIGHT to come out.
movie looks SO badass

Tila is on tonight.
She's almost picked 'the one'..
this should be interesting.

So, the professor of my Film Appreciation class likes to take attendance the *second* that class begins, and being that I have a half hour drive to school, with limited parking, I always got to class maybe 5 minutes or so late. I just found out that he's been taking attendance every day, and if you're late, you're marked absent. 3 "absences" is an F. So, although I am PAYING for my class, have attended EVERY class, and thought I was doing really well, not to mention really enjoyed this class, I had to drop it because of his fucking ignorance. thanks.
The good news is, I start my other summer class in 2 weeks, so the summer won't be a total waste academically. The 2nd class is Intro to Linguistics. Now that I see how tough the 1st summer class was, because you're learning 4 months of material in 4 weeks, I'm going to have to step it up and work a little harder.
Hopefully, I can re-take my Film Appreciation class in the fall, with a different instructor.

I'm about to head out to the tanning salon & then hang with Nick,
have a good day everyone xoxoxox
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2008|10:03 pm]
Get Happy
[Current Mood |pensive]

Here's the trailer to my movie!

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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2008|02:47 am]
Get Happy
[Current Location |couchhh]

I'm extremely happy that spring semester's over.
So far I have a B & C. Waiting on the grade from my 3rd class.

I've been having a lot of fun doing the movie.
Even though it leaves me soreee as hell in that spandex

This wknd our makeup artist (the lovely Rachel Barker) is out of town so I pretty much had the entire weekend off from filming/work. I needed a break, it was verr naice.
A video I made last before filming:

Check it out!

Hahahahah Family Guy's pretty funny right now.

I started playing WoW last week. (Hahahaha what a nerd)

Oh, we saw Iron Man! <33
It was actually pretty good, I liked it a lot

I'm about to grab a lil lunchable from the fridge ;)
I went grocery shopping @@ Super WalMart.. place was fckn packed. We're used to going @3am you know? Omg it was like, bumper to bumper down every aisle lol.
x0x0x hope everyone's well
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Strawberry Fields Forever [Mar. 3rd, 2008|08:33 pm]
Get Happy
[Current Mood |calm]

Saw sydney last Monday w/ Nick Evan & Alicia. Things started getting reeaaallly weirddd. high was pretty good, comedown SUCKED, 'I am the Walrus' from Across The Universe looked amazzinggg.

Hopefully going to heat_r Friday, & Renaissance Festival Saturday b/c it's the last wknd.

I'm brunette now ;]
Everyone loves it.
Gotta keep a tan!

The movie is turning out ok so far. We've only filmed 1 wknd. Now we are being taught the physical training for the fight scenes & rehearsing a little more before we continue to shoot. I like the cast <3 My costume is a little uncomfortable but looks hot!

Can't wait until we get more done, & I'll post the date of the premier as soon as I know. Look for it on youtube in a couple months!!

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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2008|02:32 am]
Get Happy
[Current Location |my bed]

Wowww it's COLD tonight!!

Christmas was pleasant.
Christmas Eve I was invited, by Nick's family, to Capital Grille for dinner, and then to his house to unwrap presents & join his dad, uncle & cousin in some intense games of dominoes.
Presents included:
-Gold Ed Hardy shoes, -Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, -D&G shirt, -gloves, -Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, -sunglasses, & a couple gift cards.

The 30th we invited Alli & Greg over, New Years Eve still recovering and spent the majority of the day/night in bed, except for the Publix/Starbucks run that we made around 8pm. We celebrated midnight with Tila Tequila and then went back to sleep some more.

We saw Juno with Marissa & Josh, and celebrated Stef's birthday with her at her house in Ft. Lauderdale ;) (Happy birthday babyy!) And today we went on a DVD binge. He bought Resident Evil, Rush Hour 3, The Illusionist, & War; and I bought Marie Antoinette & Factory Girl, which is playing the menu screen on loop right now because I've failed to press play.

School starts back up for me next week.

Oh, and I've also been cast in a movie! Right now I think the title is Caped Crusaders..? I play 1 of 5 superheros, named Blue Comet. I can pretty much zip around like The Flash. The script reading is next Monday, and we begin filming in mid February ;D

happy holidays
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Oh December [Dec. 11th, 2007|07:45 am]
Get Happy
I need to start posting entries againnn
I've hardly had any time. 4 classes @FAU, 25hrs of work a week, & a semi-decent social life. But this semester is over after Thursday, & I'm pacing myself better in the spring.
Everyone @ Lynn is going back home for the holidays. I'm going to miss a lot of people. But I've already set plans to go visit Alysia the 1st week of January in NJ, & roadtrip from there with her to see Alex in NYC for the wknd. Finally I get to wear a coat or something! Not that I'm complaining, the weather is beautiful right now. Speaking of which, if I'm still awake in an hour I'm laying out by the pool. Fuck expensive tanning beds.
I have GOT to get my xmas shopping done today!! Grandma wants a book from B&N, slippers, & gift cards. Shouldn't be too hard. Mom is the picky one. Already got a gift for Nick.. we'll see what I find tonight.

2 wknd's ago, @ Space--

With Alysia Lauren & Christina

♥ed ittt

About to go eat a bacon egg & cheese bagel and attempt a pool tan lol!
Hopefully it won't be 3 months until my next update!
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