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And you had a great day

waa~ I'm loving this day! roght now I feel a bit less energetic cause I just ate and after I eat, I tend to get a lill sleepy XD
Somethings just never change I guess,,
Oh well, TOMORROW is my b'day!!! yaaaaaayz ~~
My mom is like "cake cake cake!!" and I'm like "fat fat fat ><" so I decided I'm gonna have awsome yummy icecream instead..not those sissy stick ones pfft but the real creamy icecreams which you can buy in boxes. My fav icecream is GB gräddglass! OMG!! it is so freakin tasty and this summer they've produced alot of new flavours which are sooo tasty! *-*
Screw chocolate! Fruit inspired icecreams are much tastier than you think...hallon, mango, lichi, peach! aaaaaahhh yummmy ~~

So ok I've been having a great day so far. I was already finished with my daily aerobics training like 12:00 --> cycling today and now wehn I walk, I can realy feel my butt -.- itte itee~~
 helped me find this Tesshi photoshoot I've been looking for since ages and he looks sooooo ..uuh not preety...not exactly hot bt kinda like...heartmelting ..yea that's it! he looks soooo heartmelting in it <3 ~~

and oh! I woke up with this beautiful fangirl dream! ok so I was in my room infront of my computer (like right now) and infront of my bed, there is an extra chair for others and I dreamed that Keii-chan was there 0.0' He was hot and stuff and he was making me really nervous..well not at first...
Well, this is how it goes:
I was showing him something on the computer and we were having fun and then he asked me (please dont laugh XD!!) for my (please!! ><) phone number and mail add (fangirl giggle) and I answered in Swedish suddenly o.O and oh he was talking english the entire time so anywho, I'm like "javisst!" (= sure!) and suddenly I realized how odd it was that Keei-chan asked me that and I got the point. So, I was just about to write my pgone number and mail add in this blue block that I have and I couldn't write! XO I was so nervous that I kept on making mistakes and my hand was really trembling (HOW LAAAAAME!!! ><) He saw that and laughed a lill then suddenly I hear Ryo-chan singing and I'm like "woah I recognize that voice!". I open the window and look down to see that there was apparently a festival celebration going on outside and NewS was performing "Kibou yell" o.O and they had really ugly costumes on XDDD!!!! they were all yellow and baggy...omg so ugly!
and then I think I woke up XD

oh well now I'm looking for a b'day present XD