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The deathly hallows (no spoilers)

I have finally finsihed reading it!
It is absolutely brilliant and seriously, a must read!
the nding was really trciky and I cried my eyes out but even later on, I couldn't stop crying XD
I am really satisfied with the ending and Jane trurly succeeded to keep the ending as realistic as possible which in my opinion couldn't be any better.
I understand that many of you might not have read it yet and therefore I will not write anything about it but I would be really happy to discuss about it so let me know if you have finished reading it.

I cant believe the 5yrs lasting fandom is finally over. I also cried because of that XD I promised myself not to cry unless something serious happened and I TOTALLY count this as one of the serious things!
my eyes feel puffy and swollen right now so I wont write anything more cause the csreen light isn't making it any easier le yeux!

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