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Ok, here's teh deal.
Remember the fact that I have to loose weight OR correctly said, egt in shape to cosplay as Karin from Naruto?
Well, I follow a strict diet of eating no fat and no unhealthy carbs as in potatoes and rice and eating healthy fat like in nuts such as almond.
So, I exercise atleast 1 hour everyday, usually 40 mins in the mroning and 20-30 mins in the evening. That's totally ok right?
but as soon as I cancel plans because it might go against my diet plan or my exercise schedule, my friends and family get all cranky and annoyed at me and tell me "oh c'mon! let it go for one day" but then that one day does matter, doesn't it?
they say that I'm addicted to exercising everyday and blabla..
is it true? do you think so?
and eventhough I've been trainnig like this for about 2 months, I barely see any results! so if I really am overexercising then why am I not seeing any results?
Please, let me know what you think cause I believe as we haven't met eachother, you'll be more honest than just trying to be nice which I dont really like when ppl do that XD
please be honest!
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