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OMG for the second time!

Ok,...first, it was the sharp smile about Kato Shigeaki and Yamapi..
Now, it's this:

XDDDD!!!!! It said "Amira" on the pic and I just couldn't resist so I added the "Sa" to it XD and just as I was saving the pic..I noticed somethnig that made my day even more! Please notice what it says on the top of the door....noticed anything yet? then lemme tell says "dressing room"....MWUAHAHAHAHAHAAH XDDDDD omg that face expressions is so perfect! *blush blush*

I am addicted to this song! it's the ending theme of Hanayome to Papa and ofcourse cover of my girl by the temptations but I actually prefer this one to the original one! LOVE IT!


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