August 25th, 2007

Tegoshi//Gachi Baka

School nerd mood = Happy

School started 23th August and now I'm officially an IB student. Last year, I was a Pre, which means the year is dedicated for students to prepare for the actual IB course.
Now I'm in IB1 (WOOT WOOT).
It's so nostalgic seeing the Pres come, all confused and not knowing where to go XD Not knowing anything about our teachers and as the "kick-in" (insparken in swedish) has already started, the IB 2 has already gave out their first mission which is to ruin the school fountain by puting loads of soap in it so that it would be full of foam and bubbles XD They shouldn't be noticed ofcourse!
When I was in Pre, our first task was to make a huge IB flag (a flag with IB logo on it) and hang it anywhere in the city where ppl could notice it and my class won! =D awww~~~~ good time! ^0^
So yeah, I've had 2 school days and am already into the nerd concentration zone which I am LOVING! I have this adrenalin kick to study and not whine about it! *0* I get that at times. The Hermione type of aura.
although it's quite troublesome at the same time because this morning I woke up thinking "I have to study! omg english, french, maths! why didn't I bring my maths book home over the weekend?! I could've done so much! but it's ok concentrate on english and french now!!" and this thought literally woke me up and then I couldn't sleep anymore cause the only thing I could think about was studying =.='
btw I'm done with my CAS! 6 months and already more than 150 hrs of CAS WOOT WOOT!
- extra point in CAS - TOTALLY achieved!
Yup! and oh I went shopping today! I'll post up pics ne~
aaaah now that I've got a visa card, I've gone crazy! I cant stop spending money XD today I bought a 100$ jacket...but it is worth every single pennaaayyy!!! *snap snap* it's gorgeous!! *0*
Shopping list
- over-knees, leggings, tights
- autumn jacket
- shoes
- black non casuall shoes
- white and black full sleeve polos
- winter hat

I have to fix my cos play costume too! =,/
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