August 19th, 2007


Kanji Curtains

I've got this bedsheet which I dont really like cause the fabric is like um...not fluffy but kinda like pulled tagther. Know what I mean? I cant explain it any better. It's bumpy! XD
Anywho, I dont like to have it as my bedsheet so my mom suggested that I could makes curtains out of those which would look cool but the thing is that they are too plain to have as curtains. I like somethnig textury or something that attarcts the attention in the room. Like an accessory to the base.So, I have this box of beads and other's called Tikki in Hindi although I ahve no idea what it is in english. It's like small glittery stuff with holes in the centre. You can have them in ornaments like earrings and necklaces, also bracelets and dresses like in this pic. The texture detail is lifted by adding Tikki work.
So anywho, I'll be adding tikkis to some texture pattern to outline it and then add tikki and beads to embroid my favourite Kanjis ni the empty space. I cant wait to the the result! I'll make sure to put up some pics of it (^0^)/
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