August 16th, 2007


Time for a short one

aaah I'm some frustrated cause Hana Kimi 7's subs aren't out yet and neither are Papa Musu's (=.=#)
I reaaaallly wanna watch 'em ne~
Well, I've been had wicked dreams the past nights.
1. Went to see Linkin Park in Osaka (awsomeness)
2. Went again to watch Linkin Park in Osaka although Shige was with me (DOUBLE awsomeness) XD
3. I ended killing myself by poking myself with glittery ribbons o.O
4. I visited my primary school (India) and all the News members were my classmates although I realized that I had a crush on my childhood friend who thought I had lost weight XD
5.I was walking through the streets in Tokyo asking ppl if they could pluck my eyebrows and finally Massu ended up doing 'em for me ROFL

That's all I remember but I know that I've had more dreams with NewS members in it. Especially Massu, Shige and Ryo. Weird combination ne~
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