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Slytherin Pride

"You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others."

10 April
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By: easier_2_run@GJ.com.

Version: Draco Malfoy/Slytherin


Disclaimer: Unless I have written so, none of the icons I have are mine. I made absolutely none of them. I found them at random places over the GJ site and elsewhere. If you happen to go through my journal and see one you made, just comment in my journal or PM me and I will make the necessary corrections.

I'm 16 and a senior at Proviso West High School. After graduation, I plan to go to Triton College and get my associate degree in Music.

I am a musician; I have been playing piano for 8 years and I recently picked up the guitar. I own a cobalt blue Takamine acoustic/electric guitar and it's one of my pride and joys. I have been told I'm really good: I can play by ear and read music.

I'm a really diverse person: I like all kinds of music (especially Rock and Jazz... weird combo), and anything instrumental. I LOVE anime, and am always up for any kind of discussion on an anime I've seen. I DDR (a lot); I'm currently at maybe 7-8 feet (Standard/Heavy) and my favorite songs are Burning Heat, Afronova and Afronova Primeval, Speed over Beethoven, and Hysteria. I love to draw, too, even though I haven't been doing much of it lately, but I also like to write stories and poetry. I might put some of it in my journal.

My current theme is Slytherin hottie Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. Layout made by me. Info banner by Kaboom@GJ.com. Enjoy!


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AmyIsGoddess is Love.

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Amy Lee is Love

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i'm in slytherin!

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