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Gunn's pencil pad, bitch.
November 2005
The Greatest Black Man Alive!
Thu, Nov. 17th, 2005 02:43 pm

The walk back to Lorne's place didn't take too long but the wait on the front stoop of the buildin' took longer. I was kinda feelin' that I should stay in LA, help out Angel and Wes. Wes was blind and he was goin' to need help and plus, well, Angel. I wanted so bad to turn my back on him and leave this city behind but somethin' in me had to stay. Guess I still had a mission and it was long from over but I couldn't bring myself to go inside and tell Lorne all of this. We'd been gettin' along for awhile now, well, the last couple of weeks anyway, seein' as I was stayin' with him ever since everyone left Wolfram and Hart. Knew what was goin' on at the hotel, well, thought I was all knowin'. Probably alot of guilt and what not and that just added onto my guilt. The things I'd done in the past year, plus the fact that Faith died cause of Angel and Cordy? Damn. Never thought she'd do somethin' like that.

It would also be easy just to go back to my boys and join the gang but that would be a disappointment. Not sure to anyone else, but to myself. I told them to get out, told them to go and do somethin' with their lives besides huntin' down vampires. That was Angel's job. He hasn't been doin' that alot, I guess fightin' down Senior Partners got in the way of that. Along the way we all lost what we were really fightin' for until it was too late and we all had to redeem ourselves.

With a sigh, I looked up at the buildin' before walkin' in and I took the elevator up to his apartment. Time to tell Lorne that I wasn't feelin' the whole Las Vegas thing. Pushin' the door open, I noticed how quiet it was inside. No cheesy music, no laughin', no dancin', the place was mad dark and I looked around as I reached over and turned on the light. Down on the table was a note and I picked it up, unfoldin' the paper.

Listen up Bucko,
I went ahead and left, something told me you weren't going to come with me to the big city that never sleeps and that's all right with me. You stay here with Angel but, I have to say, don't stay in the apartment too long cause the vicious men in the terribly expensive suits will be coming to take everything.


The P and S of this is ... well, you know.

Well, that was easy, but still, he could've stayed to say goodbye. Foldin' up the note, I pushed it in my pocket and took a look around. Walkin' over to my corner of the room, I picked up some clothes and then headed to the door. That's all I had left anyway, just clothes. Guess that's all I ever had. Now I had to go back to the hotel and tell Angel I was kickin' it with them for a few. Maybe longer. I wouldn't mind that.


The Greatest Black Man Alive!
Sat, Sep. 3rd, 2005 03:04 am

Man, the past couple of weeks and not hangin' out with any of them was makin' a brotha homesick for sure. Damn, all I've been doin' was hangin' with Lorne and talkin' to him about goin' to Las Vegas so he could do somethin' that he really loved doin' which was performin'. He said he wanted me to be his bodyguard and I just shrugged it off. I knew my place, it was here in LA with Angel, but that wasn't much happenin' since I haven't been around. None of them even came lookin' for me either, didn't make me feel too good.

Saw Buffy, she talked alot about what happened, but that's all we've really seen. Guess I could use this visit as a check up on her, make sure she's doin' okay, which I'm sure she was doin', she's a Slayer and all, she can bounce back from it.

Stood in front of the familiar doors, lookin' inside and just wonderin' if I should just walk away from it all and just go to Vegas. Nah, knew I couldn't. I liked to fight and with Angel I knew things were rough on us, all of us, but we always pulled through and I was sure that right now? We were goin' to, no matter what. Let's just hope they didn't pull through without me bein' around.

Walkin' inside, I stopped short and noticed how dead everythin' seemed. No one was around. This is the right hotel right? Pretty sure, course it was. Frownin', I made my way inside the lobby and then turned my head when I heard voices. Jackpot. Stridin' inside the kitchen, I saw Buffy and Wes sittin' there and Buffy turned around, lookin' up at me from where she was sittin'.

"Hey," she said and got up, takin' both of their bowls of some whacked out mac and cheese before takin' em to the sink.

"Wes, my man, what's goin' on?" I asked and grinned, sittin' down next to him. He didn't look that good and ... yeah. Guess I knew why, didn't say anythin' about it, just smiled, even though I knew he couldn't see me.

"Want a drink or something?" Buffy asked, and I shook my head no. "All right, I'm going to go upstairs, get a shower. I'll be down later." Then she was gone. Shruggin', I sat there and looked at what Wes was drinkin'. Whiskey? Some things never changed I guess.

"How ... have you been holdin' up?" I asked him and got up, walkin' around the table so I could get on the counter top.



The Greatest Black Man Alive!
Sun, Mar. 27th, 2005 07:59 pm

Everythin' was goin' crazy. Wes was blind, Spike was orderin' around, Buffy got jumped by freak the vampire and here I was, in the thick of it, confused as all hell. Good thing we were goin' to Buffy and Faiths apartment, they could answer all of their questions cause I sure as hell didn't know the answers to them. I did know however that we'd have to go and get this done, save Angel like we've done before, but I had a feelin' that it wasn't going to be so easy this time. He already got to Buffy, probably to Faith too. That's what she gets for bein' to big for her britches, girl had mad skills, but goin' off on her own? Not so cool, especially with a place that she doesn't know like we know.

I waited for Wes and Fred to get out of the elevator and there she was, helpin' him. Not that I was jealous anymore, but damn man, do we have to be datin' people that are in the same group of friends? Besides, Fred was my honey and yeah, I still ... care about her, but it's so over now. "Well, it's this way ..." I muttered, not that he could see anythin', but Fred was helpin' him down the hallway.

Could hear some voices when I got to the door, sounded like Cordy and Spike. If they were arguin' again? I could pretty much say we're doomed. Waited for Wes and Fred to get to the door before I opened up, lettin' them inside.

"This is Buffy and Faiths," I told him as he walked in slowly. I saw the look on their faces and I shrugged as I closed the door.

"So, we have a crazy vampire on the loose and now we have a blind Wes. Anythin' else happen while I was away?" I asked Cordy and Spike and came to sit on the couch. "Did we come up with a plan?"

(open for: Cordelia, Spike, Fred, Wes, Buffy & Faith)


The Greatest Black Man Alive!
Fri, Feb. 25th, 2005 03:50 am

Let's just say, the whole arguing with Spike thing, wasn't solvin' nothin'. We both had our way of doin' things, but the thing is, I'm doin' it how Angel would have wanted it, with everyone. We have to have backup and I'm not really feelin' the plan of going up there and gettin' our asses handed to us by Angelus, but, if that's what we have to do, then that's what we have to do. I'm cool with that, just not feelin' it. Rollin' my eyes, I turned away from dumbass vamp number two and waited for Cordy who was takin' just a little too long. Come to find out, she was on the phone.

She walked back over to us, explainin' that Buffy was in the hospital because of Angelus and that she was going down there to watch her while Faith met us back here to get to Angelus. Sounds like a plan. I looked at Spike for anything further on his part, but he was quiet for once, oh, so that's what it took to shut his ass up?

Then Cordy was gone before we could say anything else, but I nodded at her as she walked away. I looked at Spike again. "Weapons it is, don't worry man, everything will be okay." Not that I believed it that much, cause really? If anyone was gonna die, it'd be me, bein' black and all. They're always the first to go. It's a wonder I'm not gone yet.

Walkin' out of the room, we headed to the training room and grabbed some more weapons, plus some for Faith for when she got here. At least we have a Slayer with us instead of Cordy. Not that there's anything wrong with Cordy, but I'm thinkin' that Faith can pack a meaner punch than the drama queen actress could. After we got our weapons, we walked, mostly silently downstairs to the lobby and waited on Faith. I watched Spike spark up a square and I just leaned against the railing. Angelus was somewhere in that building ...

[open for Faith and Spike]


The Greatest Black Man Alive!
Thu, Feb. 24th, 2005 01:02 am

So our fearless leader is gone according to vampire Jr. This was somethin' that I had to figure out and quick. So far there have been no memo's goin' out, so if he is gone, no one does know, not now anyway. But, I had to go up to the penthouse and see if I can figure this shit out, cause apparently, Spike's main thing is goin' and checkin' on Buffy and Faith. Now, if I was so concerned, which I am, I'd be goin' up to Angel's place, scopin' out the scene, makin' sure that Angel was in one piece and not a bunch of little dust particles on the freakin' floor.

Gettin' off the elevator, I walk into Angel's place ... where the doors already open. Already I know somethin' went down in this place. "Angel?" I called and walked in a bit more, checkin' everything out. Ahh, what do we have here? Leanin' over, I pick it up, lookin' it over. Tranq gun. Sighin' I turn around, headin' out of the penthouse and back on the elevator. Now I have to call Wes, make sure everything is goin' okay on his end, make sure he's still around, cause really? Just cause we had our differences, I wasn't gonna lose him over some lame vamp named Angelus. If he's even here.

Pullin' out the celly, I dialed Wes on the speed dial and waited for him to pick up. Arrivin' on his floor, I stepped out, and got annoyed that by the time I got to his door, that's the time he'd figure out how to pick up the damn phone. English folk know nothin' about the cell phones, I swear, but at least they're good with the spells and shit, somethin' I can't do that well.

Puttin' the phone away, I knocked loudly on the door. "Wes! Open up, man, it's Gunn, it's important!"

[open for Wes and/or Fred]


The Greatest Black Man Alive!
Thu, Feb. 17th, 2005 09:57 pm

After I had a little vacation in the city, I brought my ass back to Evil Inc. I've been gettin' some memo's while I was away sent straight to the celly. Seems somethins' been up at Wolfram and Hart while I was away. This Alyx chick layin' Angel and basically everyone else out. Liked her already. I mean come on, not that it's anything against the great and powerful gel head, but someone needs to put him in his place and get everything and everyone back in action. This may be the way to do it. Also the news on the street was that Angel got the contracts in his posession. Now what mind boggles me is the fact that he has them, but does he know what to do with them? With Cordy by his side, I'm sure he'd be able to figure out, but I need to go up there and offer my legal piece of the pie. They don't put the information in me for nothin'.

Today I didn't even bother puttin' on the suit, I wanted to relax and not have to worry 'bout somethin' on me that was hella uncomfortable. Got the rag on the head, the pimped out baggy sweats and a hoodie. I'm arrivin' and ridin' in style and I'm comin' to lay down the law to these people that don't be understandin' it.

Grabbin' the briefcase off my desk, I head out and up to Angel's penthouse where I'm hearin' he's at anyway. Might as well get this talk over with right now and make sure he knows what the deal is. Wouldn't want somethin' to be gettin' all messed up over one little mistake and Angel was prone to be doin' the mistakin'.

Strolled myself out of the elevator and saw Spike standin' there. Noddin' my head at him, I started to knock, but he stopped me and I turned around, raisin' an eyebrow, wonderin' why the hell he just did that.

"Yo, man, what's goin' on?"

(Tag SPIKE!)