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next time: wallpaper

welcome to the new friends! i haven't posted in FOREVER, but hopefully that will change :) i have a bunch of wallpapers that i can post, so look for those soon. <33


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(let's begin as if we never forgot)

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Make sure you read my userinfo. But just in case you're lazy, and you don't:

1) leave a comment
2) add me

After you do 1 & 2, I will add you back.

Need examples of my work? Sure.
----- elegance pixelfied (graphics, hq photos)
----- (my portfolio/design site)
----- temptalia (my journal)

And I reiterate, read my userinfo because there's some FAQ stuff & of course, the rules of the road. Nothing too outrageous. But just wanted to cover all the bases, y'know.


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