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over and out

So xmas is over for another year in this house.

It's Finnish tradition to celebrate it on christmas eve. The extended family all gets together at my parent's place. We have a mixed Australian / Finnish dinner at about 4pm, then my now 30 year old sister races to the christmas tree and nags everyone to hurry up and finish eating so she can open her presents. She's been doing it since she was, well, ever.

I'm usually santa, or, Joulupukki. I graduated to that role when I hit about 14. The family realised I kept everyone feeling included. I dish out the presents, offer some predictable light banter, and make sure that everyone feels like they got as many presents as everyone else. I try to ensure nobody feels like they were forgotten, and that at least a few people laugh milk out of their nose. It's a fun tradition, even if it's not that important.

Last year was the first xmas I missed. So it was good to be home this year and I did my best to spread my meager means out to enough presents for everyone in the family. I managed to do ok.

To make up for the budget of the presents, I tried to do something original and personalise them, instead of relying on tacky pre-printed stuff. That basically consisted of white wrapping paper to make things look a little more austere, and printing my own "from" labels.

While wrapping I took a photo while I of how the presents were ... presented, because I thought it looked kinda neat.

some of the presents.

my homemade labels.

When I gave my two year old nephew his nerf bat to beat-up his four year old brother, he grabbed the label from the wrapping, pointed at it and said "it's you!". That made me feel a bit special :D

I sat down and watched a small orchestra perform Handel's Messiah on the ABC with my dad later in the evening, and was again impressed that music written in the 1700s can still put a chill up your spine.

Anyway, that's a slice of my xmas, it was probably the nicest one to date, and my family really appreciated that I was there to share it with them.

It was a frantic, silly, fun and nice day.

I hope you all have the same tomorrow - but I got there first. :D
not billy

It's beginning to smell a lot like xmas.

My cousin Jennifer is a teacher at small primary school in an overpriced tourist town just outside of Sydney.

She digs stationary, and most importantly, lame puns.

So I got her this pen for xmas - it's heavy, and simple...

... I also printed out and affixed that special label for it :D