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Grae is the new black

Clerks II

Just watched it twice.

Rosario Dawson is why - I could never, ever be completely gay.

Oh my god.




Also - Devil Wears Prada, way more schmulzy and hokey than I expected.

No question that Streep is the Godess of the silver screen, but the, what's her name? Anne Hathoway? Yeah, the Anne parts of the film are like, almost B-Movie.

Totally worth watching for Streep - but jesus - screw the cliche Hathoway parts of the story. Maybe she's great, maybe she just seems less convincing because Streep owns it.

Either way - nice clothes - but nowhere near the edgy plot I expected.

Except for The Shinning part with Streep's kids - that was where Hathoway didn't make me go "yawn".

Oh yeah, and Cars, by Pixar - best creative direction of their career. Stopped thinking it was cool 3D - and just got lost in it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Nascar movies, Taledaga nights has my heart. The first 20 minutes were slow, but when Sascha and Ferral start playing off one another, it's magic. Anchorman magic.

That's all.

Photos of my kickass makeup from the theme-party on the weekend soon, as well as the kinda neat collage I'm building on my wall here in my room sometime tomorrow.

I love James.
5 second memory

Messenger Madness

I received a message from my friend [ Malby ] - asking for tips on how to improve his MSN interface - in a manner of speaking.

I took a screenshot of how I've got MSN configured, and uploaded it for his edification.

It wasn't until then I noticed the juxtaposition of the text advertisement, and what Malby had said.

You decide.
Keepin' it reel

gggrrnnnnnnngfph. (production stills)

[ Ultraviolet ] will feature Milla (pretend Resident Evil 2 never happened), and [ Gun Kata ]. It's being written and directed by [ Kurt Wimmer ], the man behind the impossibly cool [ Equilibrium ].

Milla Jovovich's official site features [ production stills ] from the set of the film.

Equilibrium smacked down The Wachowski Brother's stilted, nerdy, and prolix Matrix trilogy. Here's hoping Ultraviolet follows that path.

I'll take Gun Kata over Bullet Time any day.

[ original poster ] - 10 minutes of photoshop - [ better poster ]
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personal impersonal email

I checked my email earlier and found this...
Hi Grae,

It's been a while! Last time we saw you was back in April: you were a big fan of Eels, and you had just listened to "Two of Us" by The Beatles. We miss you, so we thought we'd write with some news.

We've made a lot of changes since Audioscrobbler became fully integrated into [ Last.fm ]: Music tags, a new design, free dynamic chart images, full Audioscrobbler support for tracking [ your music taste ], and loads more music to play via Last.fm radio.
I had forgotten about the [ Audioscrobbler ] plug-in I had installed on my media player. But there on a web page, for all to see, is a well presented detailed list of the music I was listening to while I had the plug-in active. My in-box contained an automated email telling me - fairly accurately - music that I dig. I suspect that a corporate in-box somewhere contains a similar automated email, informing a committee of the musical tastes of their target demographics.

Collapse )
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Retarded Teenage Riot

I think these race riots are great. They provide a clear example to average nice people, that being a dick knows no ethnic, racial, religious, or social bounds.

When one group attacks a lifesaver, a rival group expresses their disgust by attacking an ambulance.

It's true equality - it's what Australia is all about!

Everyone is dicks.

(And acting retarded is apparently highly contageous)
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Locusts. Dude. Locusts

Watched Anti-Trust last night with Mandy. When the DVD finished, we switched over to TV just in time to see the title "[ LOCUST - DAY OF DESTRUCTION ]". The opening credits kicked in with "Starring: Lucy Lawless". Seriously, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Frickin' made for TV disaster flick about Department of Defence bio-engineered locusts that were resistant to traditional pesticides staring Lucy Lawless at 11pm on a Sunday night? It's like finding out that cousin you had sex with was actually adopted - it's total elation all around.

It was so bad it was good(tm). I sms'd a few people when it came on - friends who love kitsch. lookwell got my SMS and watched it. bicki was unable to get near a TV but offered short message services of moral support.

BRB, dad's home from teaching; going to wait behind the door and hit him over the head with a cushion as he enters the house... Heh heh - success, he was taken by surprise and screamed. That'll teach him that it's not ok to be a teacher!

So back to the point at hand - if you get the opportunity, watch Locusts! It hits nearly every cliche a disaster/horror flick could. The only downside is at no stage of proceedings did they say "we're not at th top of the food chain anymore". Although once they informed us that for no particular reason the locusts had turned omnivourous, I really didn't mind. I mean dude, Locusts, Lucy Lawless heading up a "Voracious Insects Division" at the Department of Agriculture, a guy dying from killer locusts and uttering "tell my daughter, I love her" with his last breath.

What's not to love? I bet your Sunday night wasn't as awesome as mine!
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Hired and watched [ Man of the House ] and [ D.E.B.S. ]*.

The former, well, I have no excuse. The latter, I hired specifically so I could sigh as I watched [ Devon Aoki ] cavort about. She's nothing if not unique looking. Ok, maybe [ Christina Milian ] is a suitable excuse for hiring the first one.

As far as how entertaining the movies were, well, you can tell if you will like them by looking at the cover, isn't that enough?

And hey, any movie that opens up with a Garbage track can't be all bad, [ Shirley ] is a pretty nifty gal to be associated with.

D.E.B.S. is my new favourite movie - it is utterly hilariously awesome. Apparently straight guys hate it, and it's a lesbian recruitment film - all I know is it's very silly, very funny and for once you care about the feelings characters have for one another. Some of the dialogue really resonates. Maybe I'm a lesbian :/ The movie is actually a pretty fucking good metaphor for coming out, the evil vs. good aspect of it is a lot more intelligent and deep than it first seems. Anyway, go see it, moosh! See that, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. You'll be doing yourself a service. I'm going back to my wine, cheese and crackers now. Having a solo wine and cheese party in your conservative fundamentalist baptist parents house while watching gay propaganda films is too much totally lame fun :D I AM THE MOST HARMLESS REBEL EVER
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And before I go to sleep

Let's hear about convicted ecstasy user Michelle Lelsie from my favourite irrational commentator, hyperbole's bitch, moral relativity's neglected stepchild, and all around killjoy anti-fun campaigner, Bill Muehlenberg.

Australian Family Association chief executive Bill Muehlenberg said yesterday: "It's just blood money, and it's disgraceful.

"There's a good reason we have drug laws - drugs kill - and it's just wrong for people like her to make money off it. [ Source ]
Yes Bill, drugs are illegal and ecstasy is a killer, it's that simple. Maybe he should also look into those peanuts; they kill significantly more people per year than E does. It's time the AFA puts its considerably objective weight behind a prohibition on peanuts, it's like spreading blood on toast, how dare Kraft profit, it's disgraceful!*

And speaking of consistently irrational behaviour; those crazy islamic kids sure know how to run a good PR campaign; singlets cause as much outrage as suicide bombings. Muslim groups have been making damning statements in the news today about a model who wore a hijab now wearing a singlet; way to keep things in perspective. They're not really selling me on Islam; women can't be hot, and if I want hot women I have to blow myself up whilst trying to take out the maximum amount of bystanders. And of course, there's no proof that I do get the hot women, or life after death.

In Closing
I'd rather wear a singlet and take some ecstacy, than wear dynamite and take out civilians - but I'm a heretic like that.

* Yes, I know it could be seen as a [ straw man ]. But it's a confronting analogy so it will illustrate a point. I acknowledge it could be interpreted incorrectly, but that's your problem, and it's MY FUCKING WRITING SO DEAL WITH IT.