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And Da Winner Is...

I met [ Katty ] at Sydney airport this morning at 8:20 am, we caught the train into the city, and walked to [ our backpackers ]. It's a really nice place, private keycard locked rooms, airconditioning, nice bathrooms, thick concrete walls, branded feature walls, really central location (right in the middle of the CBD of Sydney), a cheap internet cafe ($4 for an hour), and a chilled out and social atmosphere.

It's costing each of us 89 dollars, for two nights.

After we unpacked and got dressed into something cooler, we kepts it rizzeal. We walked to [ Darling Harbour ] found the licensed cafe, and had breakfast and drinks. Bottles of girlie drinks were chinked, and we dined with a harbour view. It was important symbolism that we had at least one alcoholic beverage before midday. Mission accomplished.

Now - Katty is having a nap as she had 4 hours sleep last night (some new especially stamina fueled boy she's seeing has been keeping her out late). I'm reading news etc at the really decent internet cafe while two cute girls speak german (I think) behind me.

With how nice, social, and central this place is, I'm wondering why I'd previously spent 2x the amount of money to stay at far less interesting, central, social and fun places.

I'll go wake her up in an hour or so.

Plenty of dodgy mobile phone photos have been taken, some funny ones, too. If you have an MMS capable phone, I recommend you leave your number in the comments, and I'll send you one of the worst geeky jokes that I took a photo of. I've sent it to most people who read this already, but if you do any web work, or sysadmin work, you may find it amusing. At the very least - I'll upload them on Sunday when I get home.

Yay for a cheap fun weekend! Have enough to have fun, and start to pay debts :D

That's enough out of me - I haven't got a copy of Word here to spell check this entry, so expect errors.