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not billy


<@seven> oh man, yesterday
<@seven> I was wailing an electric distorted solo
<@seven> over some awesome rock song
<@seven> the solos kicked in for 12 bars or so with 4 bar breaks
<@seven> in the 4 bar break
<@seven> I was holding the pickups in front of the amp
<@seven> to work up a feedback crescendo for four bars then just rocking out into a two note slide bend on the 2nd and 3rd notes of the pentatonic scale
<@seven> so rock
<@seven> had the guitar on a strap
<@seven> and had the window open
<@seven> and the music and amp were loud
<@seven> and people were walking by
<@seven> and I had the full striding around split leg stance thing going
<@seven> and I was fucking rocking out
<@seven> shamelessly
<@priapism> haha
I was rocking out maybe as hard as the guy on the right here.

But not matter HOW much I was rocking out

I was not rocking out ANYWHERE NEAR AS MUCH as [ Kid Beyond ]. Fuck me, sell your children, drop any preconceptions, get to a broadband enabled windows pc and watch that fucking video. It is amazing. That nerdy guy is an artist. A fucking artist. Ableton Live is some good audio software.


surely, surely has to be [ this guy ]. He's got it all.


This has been your official daily required dose of rock.

If you enjoyed said dose, and would like to get another hit, I suggest you hit up [ Music Thing ]. A+ on the rock. Two horns up.

Ok, I'm tiring of this persona, if you bore with my indulgence, you're an idiot, but thank you. I need to lie down now.

No, second wind!

Last minute gold medal addition

[ Lingo Starr ] he's selling a computer keyboard piano keyboard instrument via the means of a product demonstration. This particular demonstration is of the capabilities of the product as a drum substitute. At first it may seem a little bland, but bear with it, when you see him say "dis is rock and roll :-)", if that doesn't make your day, you're dead inside. If you've already seen it, well, whatever, you win at being a jerk.

over and rocked out.

seriously, lingo star? Do you see what I did there? That's humour, right there. I'm a funny guy.