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5 second memory

I may be going to hell.

Offensive (?)

I just refered to those [ coal miners ] in the US as a "Schrodinger's dozen"

It may or may not be funny. Apparently I can't know for certain.


Last night I was discussing a male to female transgender friend with Kath. With some sincerity, I said "I wonder if she gets phantom morning wood"


This morning, one of my gay friends asked me to come up with some names for a new 'guild' or 'team' that he's formed in the frighteningly addictive game [ World of Walkcraft ]. I suggested "The Civil Unionists"

Offensively Insightfully Amusing

I think a lot of males can relate to this.

Dude, Rapes :[
not billy

And before I go to sleep

Let's hear about convicted ecstasy user Michelle Lelsie from my favourite irrational commentator, hyperbole's bitch, moral relativity's neglected stepchild, and all around killjoy anti-fun campaigner, Bill Muehlenberg.

Australian Family Association chief executive Bill Muehlenberg said yesterday: "It's just blood money, and it's disgraceful.

"There's a good reason we have drug laws - drugs kill - and it's just wrong for people like her to make money off it. [ Source ]
Yes Bill, drugs are illegal and ecstasy is a killer, it's that simple. Maybe he should also look into those peanuts; they kill significantly more people per year than E does. It's time the AFA puts its considerably objective weight behind a prohibition on peanuts, it's like spreading blood on toast, how dare Kraft profit, it's disgraceful!*

And speaking of consistently irrational behaviour; those crazy islamic kids sure know how to run a good PR campaign; singlets cause as much outrage as suicide bombings. Muslim groups have been making damning statements in the news today about a model who wore a hijab now wearing a singlet; way to keep things in perspective. They're not really selling me on Islam; women can't be hot, and if I want hot women I have to blow myself up whilst trying to take out the maximum amount of bystanders. And of course, there's no proof that I do get the hot women, or life after death.

In Closing
I'd rather wear a singlet and take some ecstacy, than wear dynamite and take out civilians - but I'm a heretic like that.

* Yes, I know it could be seen as a [ straw man ]. But it's a confronting analogy so it will illustrate a point. I acknowledge it could be interpreted incorrectly, but that's your problem, and it's MY FUCKING WRITING SO DEAL WITH IT.
Grae is the new black

Not me*

<@notme> we got behind the soccer as a nation last night, are we all going to get behind [ Nguyen's execution ] too?
<@notme> we should all cheer "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Hang Hang Hang"
<@notme> although I suppose the result is a fulldrawn conclusion; Singapore 1, Australia -1.

* uh, I didn't say it...

Speaking of offensive, I've been reading about [ Camille Paglia ] and by extension some early feminist theory such as [ The Male Gaze ].

Thumbs up for Paglia for thinking for herself, thumbs down for some early feminist theory. I've been reading some awfully cute assumptions about males made by women, who're just adorably raging against the overly simplified machine. +10 for effort, -10 for objectivity.

It'd be offensive if it wasn't being said by girls.

Do you really think my use of "who're" was accidental? I mean, not my use. Yeah, still not me.

Update: I've read a bit more about Paglia, including the linked wikipedia bio, and the salon.com article on her [ pre-war thoughts ] on the justification for the war on Iraq. She's kind of fucking fascinating. I've yet to strongly disagree with anything she's said, and she's a shotgun scatter of opinions when she speaks. It's possible that we could use more feminists like this, and less who feel that their whimpering about the negative impact of advertising's use of people in the healthy BMI range contains any gravitas whatsoever.

A quote
From Camille Paglia of her thoughts on the anti-war movement prior to the war.
What do you think of the antiwar movement that is taking shape in the U.S.?

Well, I had great hopes for it but am discouraged. I turned on C-SPAN with great excitement to watch the big march in Washington last month. But talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Several speakers were good, but most of them tried to drag all sorts of extraneous issues into it -- calling Bush a "moron," accusing America of imperialistic ambitions, "No blood for oil" -- all these clichés. When fringe, paleo-leftist voices take over the platform, it drives away the moderate, mainstream people in this country who have nagging doubts about this war.
It's a bit hard not to feel somewhat validated when you read one of "the top 100 intellectuals of the 20th century" echoing your own individual statements almost verbatim.

Well, that post grew from a crappy 4 line joke to... a truly esoteric collection of topics.
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Allow me to introduce the 'Obnoxious' tag

<60's Disney Narrator Voice>Meanwhile, on MSN...</60's Disney Narrator Voice>

grae says:
about 40ks south of Sydney
sebatron says:
i'm fairly out of touch with australian geography
grae says:
grae says:
grae says:
grae says:

<60's Disney Narrator Voice>Later still, on IRC...</60's Disney Narrator Voice>

<seven> how awesome is stimulating conversation?
<jacques> HAHHA.
<seven> haha
<seven> oh my god - fucking die
<jacques> :(

Note: Jacques is FakeTim, Powerslave is RealTim(TM Steve Jobs [if you got that, you're going to die a virgin]).