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Grae is the new black

Briggs! Myers(taugh)! I'm getting too old for this shit...

So today I re-sat [ the Myers-Briggs personality test ]. I've already sat it 2 times, in 2 years. Out of an interest to see if I've changed significantly as a person, or if perhaps I'd not been particularly honest the first two times I did the test. I ensured I answered the questions with what I actually in a given situation, instead of what I'd ideally like to do. I also used the dictionary to confirm the specific meanings of terms such as sympathy/empathy, and how they differed. My ethics matter to me.

The results I got, were the same as the first two times.

Your Type is: ENTJ
Extroverted: 89%
Intuitive: 75%
Thinking: 25%
Judging: 67%

I re-read not [ 1 ], not [ 2 ], but [ 3 ] definitions of that type.

Part of the reason I resat the test was I felt the type definition was 'too good to be true', a bit of a self-esteem reach-around if you will. But no, I'm still an ENTJ, even if the definitions for it make me feel a little narcissistically special.

And to avoid falling victim to [ The Forer Effect ] I read the other 15 personality types and tried to objectively compare them to who I feel I am. I read the first definition of ENTJ and the other 15 type definitions on the best site I've for information on the personality types, [ Personality-Page ].

If you haven't already, [ Sit The Test ], and when you get the results, check out the definition on Personality-Page, and, for your own peace of mind, check out the other 15 definitions.

Then [ post the results ] here. You anons, such as Cam and Jamie are bound by my decree to post your results, too. No LJ account doesn't mean no LJ accountability.

I've yet to have a close friend do the Myers-Briggs test, check out the definition of their type and fail to agree it was an accurate general assessment.

If you've already done it, do it again, if you've already done it again, [ POST THE RESULTS HERE ]. I love reading about my friend’s personality types, because so often they seem to click. And remember, I'm a goldfish, so just because you've already told me, doesn't mean I even remember your last name, let alone personality type. Here's where I hope to keep a central repository so I can refer to it in the future, and try and learn more about the people around me.

Myers-Briggs results are only a set of types; indications and suggestions of how a person's personality may be. It's not some sort of cult or belief system - even though the original creator of the concepts on which the test is based, [ Karl Jung ] had some [ odd beliefs ]. Many of my readers were first exposed to the test during their careers; it's regularly used as a tool for HR to better allocate staff resources in the corporate world. So, it's got some cred.

It taught me a little bit more about how and why I may be who I am.

Oddly enough, after researching today, 6 or so of my closest friends, very much people just 'clicked' with, are INTPs. One is an INTJ, and another is an ENTP. If all of these four letter descriptions mean nothing, then I demand you [ give this a read ].