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Music Quiz!

Download the .xls spreadsheet from [ here ] do the music quiz (If you haven't already).

There are 100 sound bytes, from 100 well known songs. You pick a soundbyte to listen to, and fill in the artist, and the title.

You don't need Microsoft Excel to play it, you can download the Microsoft Excel Viewer for free [ from the Microsoft website ]. Handy.

So - I'm up to 66% of the quiz complete but am slowly running out of ideas. If you get as hooked on it as I did, but are stuck I might be able to help. But I think most of the ones I got right were pretty obvious.

I want to get 100% - but I'm stuck one questions like #85, where I know the song, but I just can't remember the artist and title.


No idea why they did it in Excel, instead of Flash...

Also - watching First Daughter, I can feel my thetan quivering with joy.
not billy

Drum and bizzase

I was going through some of the excellent tracks from Pendulum's most recent album. They were sent to me by my special friend agnte. Damn if they haven't hit the nail on the head when it comes to catchy and melodic D&B.

Pendulum vs Fresh - Tarantula (Feat. Spyda And Tenor Fly).mp3 rolled onto my playlist. It's a thumping track, and I highly recommend you find it, download it, listen to it, and rub one out (if you haven't already).

So I headed off to MSN to pimp it right out to my musical mates. I offered to send it to Wayne...

Wb said:
no prob.. I'm sure I can find it
grae said:
you put the violate into copyright violation.
Wb says:
I put things in lots of places I shouldn't *
Wb says:
I don't even know what that means

*: yes, that emoticon is verbatim. I feel violated, as does my copyright. ("I don't even know what that means" is clearly mine)
Grae is the new black

Ah hah-hah, hah, haah.

If you haven't already seen it, I recommend you check out [ The Gorillaz ] 'live performance' of Feelgood Inc. at the MTV Europe awards.

I was completely amazed. I won't do it the injustice of trying to describe it, just watch it.

The Times (insert Kevin Smith Joke Here) has [ an article ] about how the effect was acheived.