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Grae is the new black


That was a surprise - I ended up having one of my best new years eve's to date. The centre of the city in Canberra was filled with thousands of people. They were all dancing to Pendulum mixes of the Prodigy's Voodoo People before the countdown - we stopped to yell "happy new year" to fireworks - and then first song of the new year was Push Up, by the Freestylers.

I got a photo posing with 3 policeman, Tim got a photo hugging a guy in a gorrilla suit, and I got film of Tim DOING THE ROBOT.

So yeah, a cigar, a city square as a dance floor, a bunch of friends, and the need to show everyone how to dance.

Best 2006 ever.

I am going to bring it this year.

It'll be brung.

Now we're sipping geckspencive vodka, and laughing with American Dad.