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Grae is the new black

Recent addition to the list of utterly lameass terms

If you see someone using the following terms, there's a high chance that they're socially inept, a trendwhore, or in need of your help and guidance.

The List Of Shame
  • iMac

  • Digerati

  • flashmob

  • blog

  • b2b

  • the use of '@', and '&' in a word, such as 'b@' and 'b&'

  • epinion

  • texting

  • 'teh' instead of 'the'

  • trolling

  • parodgraph

  • '2' instead of 'to'

  • using "lol" or "rofl" sans post-modern irony

  • post-modern

  • cyberathlete

  • podcast (and the term 'podfather' coined by the guy who 'invented' it)

  • :-) instead of :)

  • agging a mob

  • 'u' instead of 'you'

  • [ wikipedestrian ]

  • trendwhore

  • 'ams' instead of 'am'

  • friends ladder

  • 'orly?' instead 'Oh really?'

  • any term enveloped with colons, eg :rollseyes:
The most recent addition to the list of shame, is "Web 2.0".

Really, shut the hell up.

Remember, if [ Wired ] says it's cool, then there's a high chance saying it will get you punched in the face by someone who isn't wearing their mobile phone clipped to their belt (or using a mac).

Of course it is perfectly acceptable to use any and all of those words as a way to parody clueless people. In fact, the use of all of those words in one parody paragraph, or 'parodgraph' (I just made that up!) would qualify you for someone sort of satirical award.
not billy

wtf u r talk bout? lol!

How disappointing is it when you're kinda into someone, they seem alright, and you're like "all systems go for having a bit of a crush", then you get an SMS/MSN/Email from them, and it's all "u r" instead of "you are", and you realise that you'll never be able to touch them without wanting to punch them in the jaw?

It's quite disappointing. That's how disappointing it is.