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Hired and watched [ Man of the House ] and [ D.E.B.S. ]*.

The former, well, I have no excuse. The latter, I hired specifically so I could sigh as I watched [ Devon Aoki ] cavort about. She's nothing if not unique looking. Ok, maybe [ Christina Milian ] is a suitable excuse for hiring the first one.

As far as how entertaining the movies were, well, you can tell if you will like them by looking at the cover, isn't that enough?

And hey, any movie that opens up with a Garbage track can't be all bad, [ Shirley ] is a pretty nifty gal to be associated with.

D.E.B.S. is my new favourite movie - it is utterly hilariously awesome. Apparently straight guys hate it, and it's a lesbian recruitment film - all I know is it's very silly, very funny and for once you care about the feelings characters have for one another. Some of the dialogue really resonates. Maybe I'm a lesbian :/ The movie is actually a pretty fucking good metaphor for coming out, the evil vs. good aspect of it is a lot more intelligent and deep than it first seems. Anyway, go see it, moosh! See that, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. You'll be doing yourself a service. I'm going back to my wine, cheese and crackers now. Having a solo wine and cheese party in your conservative fundamentalist baptist parents house while watching gay propaganda films is too much totally lame fun :D I AM THE MOST HARMLESS REBEL EVER