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Grae is the new black


[ http://smh.com.au/news/national/shes-got-the-look-and-science-can-prove-it/2005/06/24/1119321909631.html ]

More like she's-got-the-pills-and-the-prosecution-can-prove-it, am i rite?

Four years minimum sentence now that it's been proven she was in possession of ecstasy.

That's four years in a developing nation's jail for possessing a tiny quantity of a substance which makes you feel happy.

What the fuck, is wrong with human beings? Why the fuck do we create these bizarre arbitrary rules for what we can and can't do with and to ourselves? Religion baby, it's awesome.

If I got caught with two e's in Bali, I'd grab the arresting officer's gun and fire wildly into a group of westerners whilst shouting "Alluh Akbar". At the very least I'd get a significantly reduced sentence, from fifteen years to maybe just a few months.

Yes, law enforcement is corrupt and retarded in Indonesia. It's not racist; it's plainly obvious for anyone who researches relatively trustworthy sources regarding law enforcement. Look up what happened to the president's son at a recent trial. Read about what happens to local drug dealers who give kickbacks to the local police. Read about lawyers who routinely provide judges with cash 'gifts' as part of the process of daily dealings.

Who was the genius who decided that if we wanted people to respect our laws, we had to respect everyone else's? Surely that's far, far, far too simplistic for your average person to agree with. I wonder if they were carrying the same tune when the woman in Africa was going to be stoned to death for adultery.

I've yet to hear a decent argument for the banning of MDMA and the criminal treatment of its users. I wonder if there is one.