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New house

I am back from a good night out at Bar 9T4 (owned by the affable young Ross Kennet) and the Great Britain hotel - both in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, Southern Hemisphere, etc.

It's been almost 2 weeks now, and I've got to say, I'm really enjoying my new house.

Benj and Jaz are great fun, chilled out, friendly and considerate.

On top of that, the friends that they bring over are a bunch of fun, and they seem to get on well with my friends.

The house itself is nice, too, lots of art on the walls, my room is really cozy, and the lounge room is really social.

That, and it's half the price of my old place.

Last night I had a small gathering here for my+fenn's birthday, and it was good fun. The best present I received for my birthday was a black bracelet from Nat+Zara with "princess" carved in it. You can't read it unless you look closely, otherwise it just looks like a neat bracelet. It's funny, and I won't take it off until it falls off. The second best present was the lasanga that Sarah cooked for all 8 of us. It was excellent.

And I was stoked that Fenn got to see Micah (my housemate Jaz's boyfriend) freestyle rap. Fenn appreciates intelligent/silly use of words as much as I do. I wanted him to see Micah rap, because it's clever, fun and often amazing. He was as impressed as I was, and we both discussed it at length afterwards. A+ to Micah, we're trying to convince him to record a track, and when he does I'll post it here on LJ for you chaps+chapettes to listen to. You will not be disappointed.

For now, I am going to eat my ham sandwich, not do a Momma Cass, and watch episode 3 of Six Feet Under (a show I am now entirely addicted to).

Peace+out+nigs. Werd.
not billy

Dazed & Confused

"I get older, they stay 16".

Here's to a good 27 (I think I'm owed one after my early 20s).

Housemate came home from a gig past 12am, came in and said "happy birthday" and hooked me up with a hug. I've been surprised by the emails/msns/sms/irc's etc. It's all a bit warm and fuzzy, which is neat.

Work is progressing quite nicely at the moment, the new house is great, and I've been having several hatfulls of innocent/devious fun the last few months.

Micah freestyle rapped (to Liam's beats) a sequence of topics that we were throwing him late Sunday night, someone said "Grae" and he instantly jumped out with something along the lines of "this guy here grae is simply insane / he's one part corgan, one part zane" and he barely knows me. I was half "WTF" and the other half "WTF" (both the same anagram, but with different annunciations).

I wonder how many people I can snog today.