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summer sunset

Search & Destroy

Leaving the fish shop down the street from here I bumped into a guy who I recoginised.

I tapped him on the shoulder after I brushed past him and asked "Is your name Henry?".

He replied "Yes sir, it is".

I said "It's excellent to meet you Henry, I dig your work".

And headed home.

Henry god damned Rollins calling a random guy who taps him on the shoulder "Sir". The guy's all class. Easily the most respectable well known person I've met.

Also - what have I been doing lately? I'm glad you asked. Yes. You asked. It's an implicit contract you fulfilled by reading this:

Sudoku for American Express - www.americanexpress.com.au/brainteaser
Nokia N-Series presents for Nokia - http://nseriespresents.nokia.com.au/

A few more things - too - I just need to find the links to them...

2 months at this new place, and I've seen more of my design and interactive work go live for significantly larger clients than I've seen go live in the last 5 years of being a designer.

Booya. Looks like I made the right move leaving the last place and moving to Singleton Ogilvy.

To the max.
summer sunset

three dee

I figured out how to grow leaves and lines in 3D - as seen here.

Yay. Took me an hour to figure out the technical how-to today - but once I'd worked it out - I put that together in 20-30 minutes.

Now, to export to .swf, and use in flash D:
Grae is the new black

There was a party here

Swantje threw a party - for her birthday.

It was themed as "Bad Boys & Killer Babes".

Normally I'm really not up for the half-baked attempts at themed party attire - and this was no different.

That was until - I saw that the four of my housemates had really gone all out.

Swantje, the amazon blonde german as a blood-red wig wearing Lara Croft.

Claudia, the pixie-dust-sprinkling german fairy was a funk-as-puck robin hood with ripped cloth hanging from her.

Agustina from Argentina as a basic-black Bond Girl.

And Nick from Brisbane as cupid, in a toga with a home-built bow and arrow set.

10 minutes to go, I grabbed some mascara, some eye-shadow, and I cooked up my take on the archer from that awful Keira Knightly/Clive Owen film King Arthur.

Design is fun - especially when you take the make-up application duties from the girls and do it yourself.

New job - more on that later.
5 second memory

Porn Sites and Adult Products

Working on the world's largest porn site for the last 2 months is nothing, if not boring.

When I say the world's largest porn site - I'm not saying that in the "your local fish and chip store is the world's largest supplier of battered tennis shoes smeared in axel grease topped with a cherry!" - I legitimately mean - the largest porn site in the entire world, by a long way.

It's so, amazingly boring.

Now, to the adult products, and one of my favourite people;

pow3rslave -aussie battler says (9:09 PM):
you know what phrase infuriates me (not that it comes up often)
assless chaps
all chaps are assless
summer sunset

Flex - work.

I've been in Canberra since the start of Feb.

I was asked to design and implement a site for a company here that I used to work for.

They wanted it to be all pretty, easy to use, animated, and do all of the boring stuff like submitting and recieving data in the background without refreshing a whole bunch.

We researched the best solution to create it in - I decided on Adobe Flex. It's based on Flash - but is actually a professional "enterprise level" revision of it.

It came out two days before I started the project - the beta version. So, that means the documentation for it goes somewhat like this...

Step 1: Install Flex
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit

It's taken about 3 or 4 weeks of trial and error - with little to no examples, tutorials, or documentation to go on - but I've finally gotten the hang of it.

The project - when it's complete in about a month - is going to kickass - and I've not seen anything like it before.

I'm not going to have much difficulty finding more work once this contract is complete, that's for certain.

And - I actually get to go home on Friday! I've spent 1 night at my house in Sydney since I moved there. The rest of the time has been spent sleeping on the floor at a gracious Tim's place here in Canberra.

I look forward to getting settled in there in Sydney - finishing this project - and pimping out my newly acquired new media design skeelz.
not billy

Gerstner Grid

I've been experimenting with a few different design layout grids.

This one is an oldeschool 1962 print standard from a Swiss guy called Gerstner.

It doesn't take long to put together. And it's a pretty flexible framework for layouts.

I'm putting together a site based off it at present. I picked a unit of 12 pixels. That makes it nice and clean to work with font sizes and leadings that are multiples of 6 points.

If you've not designed a web-site or print layout based off a grid before - this one's a good place to start.


You can grab my [ gerstner grid source PSD ] (800k) and mess about with it. You'll learn more making one from scratch.

Layer Comps

If you're a frequent Photoshop user, but are unfamiliar with "Layer Comps" then grab the above file.

A comp is basically a setting for the state of your PSD. If you've got a PSD that you are using to generate 3 or 4 different images, and you manually switch layers on and off to get to a state that's ready for export, then comps are for you.

Open the above file a recent version of Photoshop, open the comps palette, switch between the comps.

Comps can save you an offensive amount of time.

Photoshop Preferences

To get the most out of the PSD, you should configure your native Photoshop grid.
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Grae is the new black

Either way - he's really tall

Sam thought the above photograph - from an article about the chinese basketballer [ Yao Ming ] - looked photoshopped. I was uncertain, so I looked up the heights of the three involved, and attached a graph to the image.

Could be the angle of the photo, could be photoshopped. I still don't know. I do know it was a good excuse for a fun 20-30 minutes of timed typography.