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Grae is the new black


So, I'm at FakeTim's place in Canberra. His 21st 22nd was last night, so I came down with RealMandy to do another [ photoshoot with her ], attend Tim's birthday and generally be a tool in the nation's capital (OF BLAND). HAH, BURNED, [ WALTER BURLEY GRIFFIN ] JUST GOT OWNED.

I was browsing [ The Age ] when I noticed his user name for logging in to the site...

I used to hate him, now I hate him even more, like hating him with hate-filled cherries on top, cherries bathed in hate.

I hate him so much, especially because I think it was for his benefit, not anyone else's.

Update: back in Wollongong. It was a fun 24 hours in Canberra. I bought FakeTim a 10kg sack of potatoes for his birthday. Because I missed his 21st last year, I made up for it by bringing 21st cards to his 22nd, and claiming I hadn't missed his 21st, I was just a year late - that's friendship.

I'm taking the photos from the weekend in to get developed tomorrow. I shot a 36 exposure roll of b+w on a 35mm camera, with a zoom lens (first time I've ever really used one). It was shot in Mandy's motel room. When she got room service this morning, the lighting rig and cameras were all still set up. Needless to say, she was justifiably concerned that her room looked like the set of a porn film.

Hopefully the shots turn out; she's definitely worked on her modeling, she's far more natural, free flowing, creative and aware in front of the lens now. I'm proud of her :D

Update 2: Ok, thanks to my one honest viewer, agnte, it turns out that FakeTim's login is actually from [ Bugmenot ], it looks like I misjudged Tim's nerdyness. He's nerdy enough to use Bugmenot, but not nerdy enough to register a user called "to_the_matrix". I hate him marginally less, and like agnte marginally more. Why, as someone living in Australia that reads the site for free, or totally free in FakeTim's case thanks to adblockers (nerd) you wouldn't take the time to use your own registration is beyond me. ADBLOCKERS AND POOR NETIZENSHIP(tm), A NEW REASON TO HATE FAKETIM AGAIN.
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I speak of the ancient Japanese art, of Karaoke

So, Friday night. What good is a story about a night out without some pictures?

Kath, Tim and I were out having a few drinks in Kingston (a nice area in Canberra). After a few too many 'schooners' of Bulmers apple cider Tim and I began reminiscing about our self-professed brilliance at karaoke. Kath suggested we find somewhere to put our money where our cider was. The first thing I did was call a gay friend, figuring a gay person would have to be up on the popular 'roke spots (I just made that up, 'roke, it's tight, [ UD ] ahoy). It turns out I was half right. I somehow ended up knowing where Karaoke was; directory assistance and a phone call to The Irish Club later, we were told we had 1 hour until the mic was switched off at 1am.

Leaving Filthy McFadden's, the bar of choice in Kingston, we came across a hens night with the drunken bride-to-be wearing a thick black moustache. I sweet-talked her into handing it over, and we jumped in a taxi, wielding our freshly scammed groucho-marx-centipede.

Ali was our Taxi driver, and he found us to be obnoxiously entertaining. Kath put on the moustache, and I demanded photos. Somewhere, somehow, I produced a pair of aviator sunglasses and we took turns posing for photos wearing the moustache and aviators. A 35 dollar taxi trip later (Canberra is impractically huge, we didn't even travel 1/4th the length of the city. It's retarded civic design) we were at the Irish club.

Here are some photos from inside the taxi:

Kath showing that a womanly moustache can be disturbingly hot

That Grae guy you all know and love

Tim, looking more like a taxi driver than our taxi driver

And finally, Ali, our taxi driver. What a god damned champion!

Fortunately, we made it to Karaoke just in time. We got to perform two of the last songs. We picked Tribute, and It's Not Unusual. Y'know, setting the bar realistically for our vocal talents.

Both of our duets were performed wearing a moustache or sunglasses, swapping between songs. It turns out we rocked it so hard that we actually won the night's alcohol related prizes; a deck of bourbon branded playing cards, and a beer branded nerf football. Hello Australia!

We ended up staggering back to Tim's place to fall asleep while playing Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance and bagging each other out. Sounds like a fun night, no?

Wish you were here! XOXOXO *MWA*

or maybe not.

who wants a moustache ride?

Addendum : oh yeah, the next morning (afternoon), we woke up Tim by busting into his room and poking him with sticks we stole from the garden. It took him surprisingly little time to figure out that we were waking him by poking sticks at his scrawny little body. He went from asleep to awake and saying "aah! sticks" in about 20 seconds. It goes to show what he expected from us.
Grae is the new black

Everyone has aids.

I have a friend in Canberra who's name sort of sounds like gay, and sort of sounds like aids - and he's gay. We don't ever tease him, ever. Honest. He takes it with grace though or, so I'm told.

I think we might all be heading out tonight somewhere in the CBD, it could be a whole bunch of immature fun.

I am in the city of my birth, Canberra, for the weekend. I figured it was the polite thing to do; give my parents a 2 or 3 day break from me.

Maybe I should give an example of why you'd need a break from me, if the gay/aids sounding childish name calling didn't seal it.

Yesterday while my father was in the garage working, I found his golf clubs. Amongst the clubs is a telescopic grabber to allow you to retrieve balls you've unceremoniously whacked into water hazards (it was used a legendary 6 times for me when I did the front 9 last week). Upon finding where he kept the device, I chased him around the garage/yard for a bit poking him in the ribs with it saying "poke poke". He couldn't retaliate because I was about 3-4 metres out of his reach. Yeah. A 27 year old guy, chasing his 58 year old dad around with a telescopic golf stick poking him in the ribs saying "poke poke" while both of us tried to not injure ourselves from laughing.

The parents deserve a break :D

I am having a lot of fun with them - which just fucking rules.
Grae is the new black

Higher car

You can't hire a car without a driver's license. I have a driver's license. Someone stole the damned card though. Apparently a card is 9/10ths of the license. So I'm getting a lift to Wollongong today/tomorrow instead. I'll get it reissued later (it was a five year one, I want my full five years. !).

Probably not a good idea to hire and drive a car without glasses, too.

I'm looking forward to the trip, I'll get the chance to catch up with some of my best mates I haven't seen for a year +.