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An Illustrated Guide to ADHD

That's basically much my first ever freehand illustration.

Straight outa my head - untraced, original.

About four hours from scratch.

I guess Ritalin works.

Yay :D

Also, it's fun to see where [ your photographs can end up ]. I feel a bit special when someone taxes one of my shots :D

For those of you who haven't had the orgasmic pleasure of meeting me in person, I look something like this [ this ], except maybe more of a tool.
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Here's an almost creepily accurate [ FAQ on Adult ADHD ] written by a qualified specialist doctor (all too fond of !'s I will admit) which may be informative to those who are curious as to what, how and why ADHD is.

Those of you who know me well may be amazed at how accurate some of the 'typical' behaviour listed toward the bottom of the FAQ is. The FAQ applies almost perfectly to my experiences, especially the misdiagnosis of ADHD and its ensuing effects. For example, even after stating to a professional that perhaps ADHD was my issue, and providing a volume of supporting evidence, I was informed that it wasn't "fashionable" to diagnose it in adults.

We live in a well educated highly developed nation, but we have mental health professionals who are in my experience, more often than not, culpably wrong. That FAQ makes my frustration at my previous experience with mental health professionals seem entirely justified.

Although, it is fun to find out you were right, and that you knew the professionals you saw who studied for 5+ years and practiced even longer weren't even close to right. Because that's what I need, a bigger ego :D

Hopefully this should begin to be the last from me on this topic, as it seems to be reaching a nice stage of resolution. It's almost safe to say, that things are looking up - the [ medication really works ].

The lessons to take from this experience could be; research+++, don't suffer fools, don't let fools make you suffer, recognise and accept wise counsel, let your friends and family help you, don't be ashamed of an illness, and most importantly, keep fighting for what your gut says is right - be your own advocate.
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I just got back from the Brain & Behaviour Centre at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. I was there to find out the results of the hearing, reaction, brain activity, vision, written and oral tests they ran on me a two weeks ago yesterday.

The diagnosis? I have two types of ADHD, fairly strongly. Both inattentive ADHD, and hyperactive/impulsive ADHD.

The cause? A flawed gene recently identified by an Australian researcher. I was born with it. It's scientifically recognised and validated, as were the tests. It's not something I could have faked. The condition and the results are credible.

The treatment? Ritalin. Yeah. Free speed, legally, from the government. Funny.

The clear diagnosis, the knowledge that I've suffered from it my entire life, and experience that the treatment is effective, cheap, fun, and relatively immediate has some fairly huge consequences on my feelings about the past and the future. What occured today could possibly be one of the most significant points in my life to date. It should be a turning point.

It's mostly a relief to know that there is something quantifiably wrong, it can be easily treated, it's not hereditary (so if I ever have kids they don't get it from me), it isn't scary, and that isn't my, or anyone else's "fault". Here's hoping that other people treat it with the same regard as they would a genetic flaw which manifested itself as a condition in another part of the body. People can be pretty judgemental and misinformed about brain related issues.