Grae (grae_) wrote,

There was a party here

Swantje threw a party - for her birthday.

It was themed as "Bad Boys & Killer Babes".

Normally I'm really not up for the half-baked attempts at themed party attire - and this was no different.

That was until - I saw that the four of my housemates had really gone all out.

Swantje, the amazon blonde german as a blood-red wig wearing Lara Croft.

Claudia, the pixie-dust-sprinkling german fairy was a funk-as-puck robin hood with ripped cloth hanging from her.

Agustina from Argentina as a basic-black Bond Girl.

And Nick from Brisbane as cupid, in a toga with a home-built bow and arrow set.

10 minutes to go, I grabbed some mascara, some eye-shadow, and I cooked up my take on the archer from that awful Keira Knightly/Clive Owen film King Arthur.

Design is fun - especially when you take the make-up application duties from the girls and do it yourself.

New job - more on that later.
Tags: designation, stupid

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