Grae (grae_) wrote,

Clerks II

Just watched it twice.

Rosario Dawson is why - I could never, ever be completely gay.

Oh my god.




Also - Devil Wears Prada, way more schmulzy and hokey than I expected.

No question that Streep is the Godess of the silver screen, but the, what's her name? Anne Hathoway? Yeah, the Anne parts of the film are like, almost B-Movie.

Totally worth watching for Streep - but jesus - screw the cliche Hathoway parts of the story. Maybe she's great, maybe she just seems less convincing because Streep owns it.

Either way - nice clothes - but nowhere near the edgy plot I expected.

Except for The Shinning part with Streep's kids - that was where Hathoway didn't make me go "yawn".

Oh yeah, and Cars, by Pixar - best creative direction of their career. Stopped thinking it was cool 3D - and just got lost in it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Nascar movies, Taledaga nights has my heart. The first 20 minutes were slow, but when Sascha and Ferral start playing off one another, it's magic. Anchorman magic.

That's all.

Photos of my kickass makeup from the theme-party on the weekend soon, as well as the kinda neat collage I'm building on my wall here in my room sometime tomorrow.

I love James.
Tags: the hipocritic
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