February 28th, 2007

summer sunset

Search & Destroy

Leaving the fish shop down the street from here I bumped into a guy who I recoginised.

I tapped him on the shoulder after I brushed past him and asked "Is your name Henry?".

He replied "Yes sir, it is".

I said "It's excellent to meet you Henry, I dig your work".

And headed home.

Henry god damned Rollins calling a random guy who taps him on the shoulder "Sir". The guy's all class. Easily the most respectable well known person I've met.

Also - what have I been doing lately? I'm glad you asked. Yes. You asked. It's an implicit contract you fulfilled by reading this:

Sudoku for American Express - www.americanexpress.com.au/brainteaser
Nokia N-Series presents for Nokia - http://nseriespresents.nokia.com.au/

A few more things - too - I just need to find the links to them...

2 months at this new place, and I've seen more of my design and interactive work go live for significantly larger clients than I've seen go live in the last 5 years of being a designer.

Booya. Looks like I made the right move leaving the last place and moving to Singleton Ogilvy.

To the max.