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Neat thing #1 : huge prints and jigsaws

I caught up with an old friend yesterday. He's the father of Mandy, one of my models. Mandy had shown him some of my landscapes, and he wanted to talk to me about licensing them for commercial use.

I took over my latest photography backup DVD.

Ken's got a large format commercial inkjet printer - an [ Epson 7600 ]. He wanted to print out some of my landscapes, to use with his new jigsaw making machine.

It's a bit like an old school clothes dryer/mangle. You print out your image, glue it to some thick high density cardboard, and crop it down to the size of the jigsaw mould. The jigsaw mould is layer of wood at the base, a series of upward facing razors in the shape of the jigsaw, and a top layer of hard protective foam in the shape of the jigsaw. You can get all sorts of different moulds. You place the glued print and card face down onto the foam, lining it up to the edges of the jigsaw boundary. You put a big piece of Perspex over the top of it all. You feed it through a hand powered wringer which sandwiches all of it together, causing the layer of protective foam to depress - pushing the jigsaw shaped razor blades up through the print and card, and into the Perspex.

Out the other end, once you've taken off the Perspex, you have what looks like a completely professionally made jigsaw of your print. Ken hadn't made any proper prototypes yet, and he was pretty amazed with the results I got. The piece edges are properly bevelled and distribute enough pressure to allow you to hold a larger completed puzzle as a single piece with one hand.

It took about 5-10 minutes to make one - once I got the hang of it.

So - I spent last night making jigsaws and retardedly-large, frame-worthy prints of my [ Melbourne @ Dusk ] photograph.

Have some happy snaps to clear it all up.

two of the jigsaws I produced from my photo - the MX1000 mouse is for scale

holding a piece of the jigsaw

a tasty 60x140cm archival quality print - held up by my father.

the large print, the jigsaws, and MX1000 mouse for scale.

He's given me carte blanch to use the printer, and make jigsaws while he's off in China for the month. So, you might just be one of the lucky people who'll check their mail one day, and find a large white tube addressed from me. You won't win a prize for guessing what's inside.

Neat thing #2 : aerial photography and me

After I realised the official photograph of the [ Sea Cliff Bridge ] was taken from the air - and can't be taken from the ground - I decided I had to get in on that action.

I called up my sister's pilot.

For the princely sum of $50, he'll take me up for an hour so I can do some low level aerial landscape photography. I've installed The Weather Channels [ Desktop Weather ] application - so I can pick a clear day with the right winds. If that day arrives between a Saturday and Tuesday anytime in the next month, I'll be up in the air.

Conveniently, the airfield, his house, and his plane, are 10ks from where I am sitting, right now.

Neat thing #3 : brandtastic

The investors dug my branding concepts. They selected one from my spread of 8 - unsurprisingly, the least intriguing.

Once I've refined their selection, and they sign off on it, I'll post the 8 concepts and the nifty origami based brochure I whipped up.

A close black and white crop is all you get for now.

They paid - too.

Neat thing #4 : scanning for errors

I took my medium format film scanner up to the Nikon service factory in Sydney today. I'll find out what's going on in about five days. But, the wheels have started turning, and I'll have my baby back sooner, rather than later. Here's hoping my hunch is right, and it's just a firewire issue.

I think that's all I've got - but really, in under 24 hours, isn't that enough?
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