Grae (grae_) wrote,

Music Quiz!

Download the .xls spreadsheet from [ here ] do the music quiz (If you haven't already).

There are 100 sound bytes, from 100 well known songs. You pick a soundbyte to listen to, and fill in the artist, and the title.

You don't need Microsoft Excel to play it, you can download the Microsoft Excel Viewer for free [ from the Microsoft website ]. Handy.

So - I'm up to 66% of the quiz complete but am slowly running out of ideas. If you get as hooked on it as I did, but are stuck I might be able to help. But I think most of the ones I got right were pretty obvious.

I want to get 100% - but I'm stuck one questions like #85, where I know the song, but I just can't remember the artist and title.


No idea why they did it in Excel, instead of Flash...

Also - watching First Daughter, I can feel my thetan quivering with joy.
Tags: music
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