Grae (grae_) wrote,

'O' yeah...

I got to the final step of getting diagnosed yesterday - and the first step of a spectacularly blazing recovery...

I was diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar II, and OCD. That was a lot of acronyms, but I sat a lot of tests, and was given a lot of reading material. It all makes a lot of sense and most of it is actually pretty straight forward, straight forward enough that I can think my way out of it (particularly the OCD/Bipolar). Win. The shrink, Hugh, was a bargain too - only $390AUD an hour.

I was also prescribed Ritalin, which, judging by the last two days, and my last post, works like a god damned light switch (assuming that without it, the switch is in the off position). And I mean works. It's practically a switch for a vibrator (assuming that I had a vagina. Also, if you assassinated the new German Chancellor, would it be a vadgesassination?)

Now I get to say "I fucking told you so!" to the various poorly educated and overly biased medical professionals that failed dismally in their duty of care toward me.

I'll be insufferably self-assured from this point on. Or, well, more so.

So I'm already feeling a lot better in several real, long term and rational ways.

Cool, hey?

Apparently, not everybody counts their steps!
Tags: adhd, bipolar, fucking yay, ocd
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