Medicated...for your protection

15 April
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rebel mommy, into all things creative, I love to write...and make feeble attempts to do so daily. I've written erotica, essays and stories about life, love, sexuality and everything in between with poorly used grammar, but very descriptive nonetheless. I love to take pictures, though my talent at doing so is elusive. I think myself spiritual, but very far from religious. I love house porn, design and restoration. I've been restoring my old house and the "junk" I find to furnish it...it is said that a good house is never done. Every house I've ever owned has been a work in progress, and I'm often living amidst the chaos of renovation.

I am both VAIN, and...self deprecating. I am confident about my insecurities. I am a complicated mass of contradiction, a charming pain in the ass.. I am girly girl in touch with my inner guy. I love make up, but often wear only lipstick. I have as many tools as I have shoes. I am brash and yet tender. I say it how I see it, be careful what you ask me.

I am married to a man who loves me in spite of, and because I keep him entertained. I have a daughter who is bright, articulate, artistic and...willful. I raised her to question authority..it never occurred to me she would challenge mine. We work to play and spend our free time riding dirt bikes in the winter, boating in the summer and riding motorcycles in between.