September 2nd, 2005

(no subject)

-new tattoo of a girl on my stomach (dr.know)
-craigs getting his ass beat down
-"me: God this tat makes me like 500 times sexier than... well... Im a lot sexier anyways."
-I got two new belts, a new friend and such.
-I fucking love mechs, oi punk kyle, heroin mike, twat, bitchtits and the rest of the crew we fucking own.
- i like oi punk kyle because hes not boring when im bored.
-our crew could eat your fucking crew, shit your crew out, eat it again, then puke in your faces if we wanted. but were way to punk for that.
-I posted a pic of my tat on myspace.
-Im madly in love with my stomach right now. you have no idea.
-im going to boston! im shipping the fuck away!
-im Going to someones house after work tomorrow, then sleeping on the road ha!