July 31st, 2005


So i read an email my dad sent to my grandparents. My dads hated me, or so it seemed, he was always an asshole and always put up with the shit i got from his parents and didnt say anything. He was always a jerk. On christmas time my sister katie would get presents and i wouldnt from my grandparents, they would be mean as hell to me. I couldnt do anything about it, they hated me because i was adopted. They told me that to my face.
Well my mom just showed me an email my dad sent to his parents when they talked bad about me to him earlier last week. I feel the need to copy and paste it. it made me cry, like i finally feel like i have a dad. the following is part of the email: (oh and i was adopted when i was 4, not two, but hes still kinda slow)

"Hi, I would like to say thank you for breakfast on Friday. Now were do I start,on friday a few coments were made about myself and Christopher that made me uneasy and I still can't get them out of my mind.The coments were that maybe I should tell him to contact his real father, I am here to say THAT I AM HIS REAL FATHER regaurdless of the amount of trouble I have with him and then Mom stating that he will never be welcome in her house and that all of you's never liked him from day one, Well he already knows that and that has been since day one.How do I know it's been from day one you ask,He always ask's why grandma and grandpa don't like him? How do I answer that to the kid every year for almost 16 years,It's been hard to get past that question with him and ahve him still have a liking and respect towards you's.He has told me that he will not have anything to do with Mom and Heather at all he gets it now he has stated I just never told you that,But he did state that Grandpa still talks nice to him and he says he likes grandpa.It is a shame that you have to instill this in these kids head,Katie has seen and heard the acqusations about her brother and she has also said that she don't like that everyone hates her brother,Yes that is her brother and always be.It is unknowing to me why I should have to hide things that are said to myself and or my wife so kids dont get hurt,and the things that are said about my wife that I try and put behind us to keep a relationship and talking lines open."

I must honestly say i could NOT believe that when i read it. it may not seem like a big deal, but it really is.

Im in a better mood, but also confused.