July 30th, 2005

you. fucking. suck.

For one, im not trying to be a new persons friend anymore, worthless cunts. im sick of shit.
And I NEVER TRIED HOOKING UP WITH THE CUNT! I was trying to be her friend. but fuck that she can suck horse shit.
Im bored as shit!
Fuck Women!
All of them! They hate me, I hate them!
Women = spawn of satan.

Ide sure like to find someone that liked me. ide call them stupid, and leave.

So, whats new?

dee says im an angry hateful person. untrue. well, true. more of less latly only though.
i got my bullet belt today. fits good, but the guy that sold it to me had every bullet in the row upside down, so i had to hand flaip each, on a size 40 bullet belt (over 100 bullets), that took almost 45 minuts and now my finger tips hurt like hell. its fucking awsome though, and looks great on my pants. lol.
So i have a lot of belts now.
last night i slepped at my moms house, but it was just me and katie there. we stayed up late watching tv and talking and went to the store, where i got the faygo. It was fun. she woke me up by shoving a box into my face, the shipping box for the belt! how ironic that i got it that day! lol wierd, i know.
So then i thought, i need to call ash for a ride, i was gonna pay her to drive me home, and she said she would they day before but had to talk to her mom. so i called but her mom wouldnt let her. i was like fuck, i had a lot to carry home and not much time to do it in. well, i ended up talking 5 miles in 20-25 minutes. I do not know how i physically was able to do that. I DID NOT want to miss going into town though so i like set my mind to it or something. now, if i had known what i would have done in town i would have just stayed home and hung out with dee or my sister. i hate harvey, it fucking sucks. im so isolated. but monday ill live right in town which rocks. like right in the middle of town too. Or on the street, one of them.
If v4y is full then alex said i could live with him, but idk if i want to because his mom wouldnt like that, and ide rather sleep on the street than stay somewhere where im not wanted lol.
Thats why im homeless soon anyhow.
But i can get a job a hell of a lot easier in town, thats no big deal.
im done typing, fuck off