July 21st, 2005

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Im being hunted by paleface in blue
and these cracka' spooks are haunting you too
With municipal shovels they're out digging our graves
Under threat of reprisal we abide to enslave

Policia, policia; why can't you see
Your bullets will never pacify me
I don't fight the world; the world fights me
Cause the gang in control is the fucking P.D.

(That's right)

Fuck the police they're gang control
We've gotta take it back
Everyone get up and let's go

Your politics spawn politikill
I'll take a bullet to prove that you kill
You front the facade of a righteous man
But the hole in your heart put a gun in your hand

Protecting the money and out serving the state
Crushing the people with the laws they created
Nothing forgotten and nobody saved
You can not break me, force me to behave

Fuck the police they're gang control
We've gotta tear it down
Everyone get up and let's go
around the globe it's outta hand
from the states to iran
across the ocean, back again
England, Zaire and Japan

Fuck the police they're gang control
We've gotta tear it down
Everyone get up and let's go
Individuals who hate man
With king's license to clean the land
Fill the army with one way laws
Around the world to suit their cause

Fuck Emo!

'Dear diary, my life is a complete fiasco.
The dashboard show is this weekend and I can't even fit
into my little sister's jeans anymore. My dad grounded
me cause he caught me in my mom's makeup again. He's
such a nazi. I wish i could just run away to somewhere
where people could understand me. I make out with one
guy at a show and I'm gay? Hello, it's the new millenium.
Ever heard of experimentation? I tried to cut my wrist
yesterday but some of the blood got on my pants, and I totally
freaked. Needless to say, they're ruined.'

For the past few years we've seen you around
pretentious art fags taking over my town
You're too mature to have any fun
Your trend in a year will be over and done
Your hair isn't a bowl or any shape
You're acting like you're gay just to get laid
and a white belt holds up your pants
you're too mature to fucking dance

we aren't dead
and in a year there will be none left.

'mmm, emo. you bet your sweet ass it's emo. ooh, doesn't it
just make you wanna cry?'

[repeat verse and chorus]

'anyway, my life is just a black abyss. I'm up to 98
pounds now and i don't know what to do. I don't know,
maybe i'll join the navy.

(no subject)

And when you hate your life,
no qualtities redeeming,
a million brainwashed zombies will always be heard screaming...

And when there is no hope,
"I'll smoke some crack, I'll shoot some dope!"
When theres no enemies,
"I sit and stare at my T.V.
and in my ignorance,
I'll be a slave and sycophant!"

I went to work with ashlee and then went to my moms work and hung out there. FUN!
Shes cool, shes not an adult very well. shes more of a kid.

I would count down the days till im homeless but i dont know how many days are in the month haha.
Fuck it.

I dont want to live here anymore. I like the people, but im sick of hearing shit about me all the time. I want to completly live with myself forever.

or on some street.

I dont care, i have a jacket. Ide starve to death, then be dead. Not exactly a big loss to society. lol